10 Amazing Gadgets That Will Make Your Kitchen More Advanced


Gadgets have become part of our everyday lives. We rely on our smartphones, laptops and tablets for work, information and play, whilst every day all manner of new gadgets are being dreamed up. The kitchen may not be the fist place you'd think of for 'smart' gadgets to thrive. But as time goes on, if you take a look at what's now on offer, you'll be surprised. The future, it seems, is here. Check out these ten new, clever and amazing kitchen gadgets.


Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition


Do you ever set your laptop or tablet down on the counter as you try to read a recipe without spilling anything over your precious piece of technology? The Sony Xperia Tablet Z could change all that. The powerful gadget is able to withstand splashes, spills and other 'oopsies' moments that would likely kill your computer, phone or regular tablet. In fact the Xperia Z can withstand being fully submerged in water for a full 30 minutes. Amazing!


iPad LaunchPort


For those increasing amounts of us who can't do without an iPod in their kitchen, along comes the LaunchPort. The magnetic base docking station is stylish and would look awesome on just about any counter. There is also a wall-mounted version available. The device includes inductive charging, so forget fumbling around with cords.


AwoX StriimLIGHT



If you really want to create some ambience in the kitchen, then why not choose this amazing product, which combines a LED lighting system with bluetooth speaker. A remote can even control both lighting and music at the touch of the button.


Geneva Sound System


Able to be synced with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the Model S speaker manufactured by Geneva Sound Systems is sleek and elegant. With excellent sound quality and a durable kitchen-worthy design, it is the perfect device to sing along to whilst you cook!



Simplehuman Sensor Can


Latches and foot pedals are a thing of the past. Avoid fingerprints and enjoy touch-free waste disposal with this sleek, rather beautiful trash can. 


GE Brillion App


This clever app has been designed to function alongside a series of GE Profiles wall ovens. You can now pre-heat your oven by turning it on via remote control whilst you are on your way home from work. Brilliant!


Blendtec Designer 700


Blentech has re-written the blender rules with the Blendtec Designer 700. It combines a turbo 1700 watt motor, with no fewer than six pre-programmed options and a very high-tech touch screen. For all your blending needs. 


Next Gen Prep Pad


The Prep Pad, available currently as an iPhone or iPad app, is more than just a high-tech food scale. It also provides a nutritional guide, calling out the nutritional content of every food item that sits atop it. 


The Egg Minder


The Egg Minder enables you to be able to tell exactly how many days of freshness are left in your eggs. A push notification will also help remind you when it's time to get new ones in. 


Whirlpool Interactive Cook top


In 2014, the Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop is still at concept stage. But the prototype has been shown to initial audiences with its potential to revolutionize the modern cooktop. The Interactive Cooktop features a touchscreen surface, on which you can cook, access recipes, social media, or email with ease. Simply mind-blowing!