You Can Get Iridescent Ceramic Mugs, Bowls And Plates That Have Clusters Of Beautiful Crystals

A cup of coffee makes every morning complete. But you can make your morning even more sublime with these iridescent ceramic mugs with dazzling crystals protruding from them. Indeed, ordinary coffee cups just don’t have that much appeal anymore. There are plenty of stunning coffee mugs out there such as the ones adorned with mandala artwork and the ones with stained glass art. But if you really want to take your ornate dishware a notch higher then look no further than Essarai Ceramics.

Collin Lynch, the artist behind the company Essarai Ceramics, is redefining traditional ceramic dishware in a radical new way. The company crafts mugs, bowls and plates with clusters of glazed crystals. As for the mug, the crystal cluster is located on the right side of the cup so you can use the opposite side to sip your coffee or tea. Furthermore, the crystals are angled away from the lip of the cup to avoid obstruction while you’re drinking.


This Company Creates Ceramic Mugs and Dishware With Clusters Of Sweeping Crystals

The good thing about these crystal mugs is that you can customize the colors of the base, handle and the crystals. You can choose from a wide range of color options for your piece. Or you can specify your preferred color if it wasn’t included in the list of options. Also, you can specify if you’re left-handed so they can adjust the placement of the crystals.




These marvelous mugs are wheel thrown or made on the pottery wheel. Additionally, each crystal is individually hand cut and clustered together on one side of the mug. The piece can hold up to 14-oz of liquid. It measures 3.75 inches tall and 4 inches wide weighing approximately 1.5 pounds. Take note that it can weigh up to 2 pounds when full of liquid which can be a bit too heavy for some people.




Essarai Ceramics is also known for its bowls and plates with sweeping crystals which is an unmistakable signature to the company. The glorious dishware are classic pieces that will last a lifetime. You can use these as functional tableware and as exquisite pieces of décor. All pieces are food safe and include instructions on how to keep them dazzling for years to come.





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Currently boxing up my home studio in preparation for my big move on Saturday. It’s wild seeing everything come down and clear out after having worked in my home studio for three years; it’s where EC got it start. Tomorrow it will feel even more empty in here but something about the energy of Spring makes all of this more exciting than bittersweet. I’ll post some pictures soon of the studio emptied out. Aside from all of that, I wrangled you some gorgeous Aura Prism crystal mugs before they flew out to their home. If you’re new to Essarai Ceramics, you can visit my shop in my profile and order everything in my feed. Aura prism pieces have their own listing and I’m always here to answer questions!

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Had to add some Kirakira sparkle on that last video so that you could fully take in the pure magic this glaze is! I’ve been sitting on this glaze for a minute waiting for the right time and I finally got a chance to play with it! The glaze sparkles due to the actual aventurine crystals in it which is so freaking cool! I’m still playing with getting different color effects etc. When I tell you this week has been crazy, just check the last time I posted. I haven’t had a minute to breathe which is a blessing for a small business owner but it definitely takes a toll. Having to be in fifth gear all day every day can really start to wear you out and I’ve been feeling it. Running a small business is no joke and I look back on the times I’ve worked for a small business and think, “oh, now I get why they weren’t happy with me as an employee.” Basically I was a slacker. I think when we’re used to being an employee our whole working career, it can be really hard to know what the business owner is going through and perform to the level they’re needing. I’m probably making no sense but I think you can get a glimmer of what I’m trying to say lol I defiantly have a new appreciation and understanding for small business owners. Well, this new glaze is available for everyone to have fun with and design your own special piece with. It has a little bit of a yellowing tinge to it so take that into consideration when choosing your colors. Pictured: Crystal Mug in Aura Citrine, Cosmic Dust & Gold #howiamaco #crystalpower #mugsfordays #citrine #mug #wheelthrown #nmtrue

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