These Memo Pads Reveal Architectural Sites With Each Sheet Removal

When we were kids, we made flip books. Back then, keeping ourselves entertained was easy. And now, a Japanese architectural model maker has created a collection of memo pads inspired by this youthful thrill. At first glance, you might find it hard to distinguish this pad from an ordinary one. However, the Omoshiroi Block memo pads defining characteristic slowly reveals itself with every page your tear off.

The term “omoshiroi”, which can translate to “interesting”, “fun” and “amusing”, is actually the the company’s slogan. And we agree that that’s exactly what their memo pads are. The special note pads were created by Triad, which, surprisingly, is not a stationery company but a firm focused on creating architectural models.



This memo pad reveals a highly detailed architectural model when you tear off its pages

Triad laser-cuts every pad’s tearing point. At first, you’ll see nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just like a normal block of paper, until you start tearing its pages off. The Omoshiroi Block’s hidden surprise will come out once you’ve exhausted a good chunk of the pad. The design and concept of the memo pad is based on the way different moments come together to form a memory. Each extracted sheet also comes with a distinct feature, like a a person’s silhouette.



As of writing, Triad offers several Omoshiroi Blocks that reveal different models and objects. Their original line up featured the Kiyomizuedera Temple, Asakusa Castle and the Tokyo Tower. They’ve included Western models as well. There are now Blocks that feature Chicago, New York, Washington D.C and Paris. Aside from architectural models and sceneries, Triad has also made memo pads that reveal musical instruments, takoyaki, koi fish and cherry blossoms lonce you’ve torn through the pad.



You can use the Omoshiroi Block as a display piece for your office when you’re done using it as a memo pad

Triad memo pads are so well made. Each pad is bonded with brass and is protected by an acrylic cover. The pads vary in paper volume, with the violin block only having 70 sheets while the blocks that have castles inside have more than 100 pages.

The Omoshiroi Blocks also vary in price. Thinner blocks can be had for only $17 while the heftier blocks are bit pricier. The special memo pads’ availability can be a bit irregular at times, given the high demand for them. Fortunately, Triad has made their product more accessible through their online store. But if you happen to be in the land of the rising sun, you can score these dual-purpose memo pads at Tokyu Hands in Osaka.



Every sheet is laser-cut to provide insanely accurate details



Aside from iconic buildings, Triad also made memo pads that feature treasured objects


After seeing the success of their architectural models, Triad has created new versions of the pads. Their current collection features pads that hide a violin ($35), piano ($90), camera and even a docked train($53)!  If you’re currently thinking of a great office-friendly gift, you can’t go wrong with a Omoshiroi Block memo pad! The person who receives your gift will love it.


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