People Are Sharing The Times They Caught Their Cats Sleeping In Weird Positions And The Pics Are So Cute

Adorable pets never fail to amuse us, whether they’re awake or asleep. Just recently, we’ve featured some hilarious photos of dogs in awkward sleeping positions. Now, it’s time to show cats sleeping together. You know what they say, if canines can do it, felines can do it better. Considering the fact that these domestic felines are more flexible than dogs, we can only expect to see them sleeping in weird positions.

Felines can twist their bodies to a much greater extent than dogs. This is because their vertebrae are less tightly connected. Furthermore, their pelvis and shoulders are more loosely attached to their backbone. This allows them to flex their backs and lengthen their spines. Their innate flexibility helps give them extra-long stride and explosive jumping power as they are hardwired to hunt their prey. It is also their flexibility that allows them to plonk themselves in bizarre positions when they sleep.


Cats Sleeping Together In Weird Positions

cats sleeping together in weird positions

Indeed, a feline’s sleeping position is funny but it may say a lot more about them than how it merely looks. When a kitty sleeps in a curled-up position with its tail wrapped around its body, it means it is trying to keep the heat in. They usually do this in colder months to keep themselves warm. If you see them in this position in warmer months then it might mean differently. In this case, they are curled up not to preserve warmth but rather as a sign of distrust. Felines tend to cover their bellies when they sleep in order to protect their vital organs in case of a predator attack.

foster kittens sleeping in weird positions


cats sleeping in funny positions


cats sleeping in heart configuration

Some sleep with their bellies up to keep themselves cool during warmer months. They tend to be in this sleeping position during summer. But if your kitty does this all the time regardless of the current temperature, it means that it trusts you completely. By exposing its most vulnerable spot while it sleeps, it’s telling you that it trusts you with its life. However, keep in mind that this is not an invitation for you to rub their bellies. It’s okay to pet them while they’re in this position when they’re awake. But it’s a different story when they’re sleeping.

kittens sleeping train


two kitties sleeping butt to butt


sleeping kitties form heart shape

Cats sleeping together shows they feel safe and comfortable. While most felines are naturally independent, some domestic kitties, particularly those living in the same house, tend to treat each other as members of the family. Being next to a trusted friend or family member gives them a sense of security even while they’re asleep. The same can be said when your kitty loves to sleep with you. They feel very vulnerable when they are sleeping so they like to find someone whom they trust to sleep on. If your kitty loves to sleep with you, it’s confirming its complete trust in you. Not to mention, they also love the heat from their humans to help them keep warm.

three kitties in one bed


cats sleeping on washing machine


kitties sleeping in shoe boxes


kitties in weird sleeping positions
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two kitties sleeping in their tunnel


cats sleeping with bellies up


funny feline sleeping positions x


two cats sleeping on lap


sleeping kittens form a heart shape


kitty sleeping on top of another kitty


cats kissing while sleeping


foster kitties heart shape


extra long kitty stretching


feline synchronized sleeping


cats sleeping face on butt


cats sleeping together funny positions


kitties sleeping cheek to cheek


two cats in one bed


two black kitties in one bed


cats sleeping together face pillow


cats sleeping together in awkward position


two cute kitties sleeping fusion position


kitties sleeping in awkward positions


cats sleeping on top of other kitties


kitties cuddling up while sleeping