Traditional Japanese Inn Gives Guests The Option To Share A Room With A Cat For The Night

The town of Yugawara in south central Japan is famous for its natural hot springs and traditional inns. Here you will find many relaxing hot spring inns with an emphasis on comfort and relaxation. This is why it is called the ‘hot spring town’ and is the leading onsen (hot spring) resort in Japan. It is a place where you can reconnect with nature as it is surrounded by mountains and oceans in addition to its abundant hot spring sources. The onsen waters can be enjoyed in most accommodations, making the town one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the country.

There are plenty of ryokan inns in the town. Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that typically feature tatami-matted floors, communal baths with onsen water and futon bedding. These inns usually have a large entrance hall with couches where guests can sit and talk. A typical ryokan also provides yukata (casual summer kimono) and geta (Japanese sandals) to guests in order to give them a total ‘Japanese’ experience. If you’re planning to go to this town, choosing a ryokan to check into would be a challenge since you have plenty of options to choose from. But if you love cats then this unique ryokan might be your best choice.


This Inn In Yugawara, Japan Allows Guests To Share A Room With Cats

There’s an inn called My Cat Yugawara. And from the name itself, you may already have an idea what it offers. If you think furry felines are involved then you’re absolutely right. This ryokan offers a ‘trial package’ that allows guests to stay in their rooms with a cat. This would give cat lovers the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live with a cat.



Most residential properties in Japan have very strict rules when it comes to pet ownership. Apartments located in big cities typically don’t allow pets including cats and dogs. The owner of My Cat Yugawara inn, Akihiro Ochi, thought of allowing guests to experience something they couldn’t do in the urban areas: to live with cats. Of course, guests can also opt out of the trial package if they don’t feel like spending their time with a feline friend. But if you’re willing to share your room with a cat, there are certain conditions that you must meet.


Guests At This Inn Can Opt To Spend The Night With Cats



The trial package includes a cat that will arrive in your room at 5:30 PM. You can spend the entire night with your feline buddy until 9 AM. During that time, you must not leave the cat unattended. Since you have agreed to take on the role of a cat owner, they expect you to act as a responsible cat parent. Upon checking in, you are provided with a litter box and a scooper. This means you have to carry out tasks that most cat owners usually do, and that includes cleaning their litter box.



If you’re a first-time guest, the inn requires you to complete one session in their Cat Café. This is to ensure that you’re comfortable around kitties and the kitties are comfortable around you. After which, you can decide whether to use the trial package or not. Besides, this is also a great way to help people who are planning to get a feline pet. By giving them a first-hand experience, they can find out for themselves if living with a cat is right for them or not.


“We are not operating for profit.”, Ochi explained. “A huge portion of our income goes to maintaining the facility, including feeding the cats and maintaining their health.”



Now, what if you happen to fall in love with the cat during your stay at the inn? Well, you’ll be glad to know that My Cat Yugawara inn will make it possible for guests to adopt their resident cats. First, you’ll need to fill out an application form to show your intention for adoption. Then you will have to go through an interview. So the staff can determine if you’re a suitable cat parent.





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