People Are Sharing Funny Photos Of Their Long Cats That Seem To Stretch To Infinity And Beyond

It’s no secret that cats are one of the most flexible creatures on this planet. And when they stretch, they are able to contort their bodies into all kinds of positions. You only need to look at these hilarious photos of cats stretching to see what we mean. Our feline companions can really extend their flexible bodies to unbelievable lengths that oftentimes look so ridiculously funny. And if there’s only an Olympic event for stretching, cats would surely win the gold.

But why do cats stretch so much? Just like humans, animals can also benefit from stretching exercises. This activity increases blood flow and range of motion while it decreases muscle stiffness. Not to mention that relaxing feeling it gives that can help us reduce or manage stress. Cats, in particular, constantly stretch their bodies to get their muscles moving again after long periods of inactivity. On the average, our feline pets sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, which is twice as much as we do. Prolonged idleness causes muscles to shorten and become tight. Furthermore, joints can become weaker and less flexible when they’re less active.


Salvador Dali’s Cat

So once they wake up from their long slumber, the first thing they naturally do is stretch as much as they could. Since they have elastic bodies, they seem to stretch ‘till infinity. More surprisingly, they can also bend and twist their bodies as they stretch. So without further ado, here are the funniest examples of cats stretching in the most hilarious and most awkward positions.


He Can Play Tetris


“Found A Weird Reptile In My Bathtub”


“Whatever Is Comfy I Guess”


“My Mother In Law’s Cat Sits On The Post Like This And Judges The Neighbours”


“Sunset Sploot With Bonus Crossed Paws And Fancy Tail”


The Chillest Of Them All


“Our Sunbathing Cat Tiny Melting On The Porch”


Long Cat


Flexible Cat


“When Your Cat Arrives In The Mail”


“Every Time My Dad Stretches, Our Cat Likes To Join”


“Maylon And Jason”


“Shadow Is My Beautiful Grey Chonk, And Zelda Is The Weird Noodle Draped Over Her. This Picture Is Taken A Couple Years Old, From When Zelda Was An Adolescent Spaghetti”


“This Stretched Black And White Cat That’s Being Held Upside Down”


Those Legs


“It’s Unreal How Long This Boy Is”


“Compete Liquid Phase Established”


Almost Human Height Long


“Guys, Look How Long I Can Be”


“Exhausted After A Long Day Of Being A Cat”


Very Long Cat


Windowsill Sploot


“Ok Not Sure What She’s Trying To Do Here But It’s Cute”


“Meet Manasha, The World’s First Longcat Loaf”


“Summer Tora And Winter Tora”


“It’s Been A Loooong Day”


“Hello, Is It A Snake?”


“My Cat Janeway Has Decided Her New Napping Spot Is In My Bathtub. I Went To Take A Picture And She Stretched At The Perfect Moment”


“Eat Your Heart Out, Longcat”