This Jack-O’-Lantern’s Tiny Face Pumpkin Might Just Be The Laziest But Best Carving Ever

Halloween just isn’t complete without jack-o’-lanterns, you know, those carved pumpkins with ghoulish faces and illuminated by candles from inside. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of impressive pumpkin carvings featuring detailed images and spooky details. But this tiny face pumpkin doesn’t disappoint as well.

Reddit user LisaShuBop shared a photo of her ‘minimalist’ version of jack-o’-lantern. And we can say, it’s the cutest Halloween décor ever! No flashy details involved, the tiny face pumpkin features a little smiley face that even the laziest decorator can pull off. Furthermore, it just proves that one doesn’t need to possess super artistic skills to create head-turning pieces of décor. One only needs to be clever.


Tiny Face Pumpkin Is The Cutest Jack-O’-Lantern Ever

tiny face pumpkin

Well, laziness has never created something as adorable as this before. And since Halloween is just around the corner, this tiny face pumpkin idea could be the quickest fix for those who haven’t made their spooky decorations yet. But how does pumpkin carving became a Halloween tradition? The creepy image of jack-o’-lantern has its origin from an Irish myth about Stingy Jack. This mythical trickster is said to have deceived the Devil for his own monetary gain. So when he died, neither heaven nor hell accepted him.

creepy jack-o-lantern lit

As a punishment, Jack was sentenced to wander the earth for eternity. People in Ireland would carve demonic faces on pumpkins and turnips as a way to ward off Jack’s roaming soul. When the Celtic festival Samhain (the origin of Halloween) was incorporated into the Catholic holiday All Hallow’s Eve, it became a well-celebrated holiday which was later named ‘Halloween’. Later on, the folklore about Stingy Jack was integrated into Halloween where people began making jack-o’-lanterns as a decoration.