30 Owners Share Photos Of Their Cats Before And After Adoption And The Transformations Are Heartwarming

Animal welfare advocates always encourage people to adopt from shelters instead of shopping from pet stores or breeders. This is because there are so many good reasons to adopt. But instead of us telling you why you should adopt, perhaps these photos of cats before and after adoption will convince you to adopt a feline pet from a shelter.

There are approximately 1.5 million shelter animals euthanized each year and most of these are felines. So when you adopt from a shelter, you’re not only giving them their forever homes but you’re also technically taking them off the death row list. Traditional shelters have no choice but to euthanize animals due to some circumstances. Some of which include overcrowding, illness, aggressiveness and injuries. Every time an animal is adopted, the shelter opens up a space for another rescue animal. Hence, adopting also helps you save the life of the next animal that the shelter can rescue.


Owners Are Sharing Amazing Transformations Of Their Cats Before And After Adoption

rescue kitty adopted transformation

Despite the Adopt, Don’t Shop campaign, some people still prefer to purchase pets from puppy mills, breeders and pet shops. One of the reasons is that they presume that most shelter animals carry diseases and are untamed. But most shelters give necessary vaccinations to every animal taken in. Furthermore, adoption fees typically include spaying or neutering and necessary health tests to ensure that adopted pets are free from diseases.


“Its Been A Year”

cats before and after adoption


“Took A Chance, And Decided To Rehabilitate This Boy Instead Of Letting Him Be Put Down. One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life”

shelter kitty saved from euthanasia


“What A Foster Home Can Do For A Sick Cat…now Misza Is Enjoying His Cat Retirement After Being A Neglected Feral For 15 Years”

shelter cats before and after photos

Most rescued strays were initially owned but were later abandoned or abused. So, they’re actually more domesticated than those being sold at pet stores. The shelter may even share the rescue’s story with you. And knowing your pet’s troubled past might inspire you to help them recover from it and may even strengthen your bond. Many people with adopted animals confirm that there’s nothing more rewarding than to see their furry companions transform over time, as you can see from these photos of cats before and after adoption.


Amazing Transformations, Then and Now Photos


“Toby And Quinton Were Rescued Together And Adopted As A Bonded Pair. Toby Has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome And Quinton Was Toothless. They Became Brave And Happy. Quinton Passed Away Recently, I’m So Glad We Had Him For The Time We Did And He Passed Knowing We Would Keep His Best Friend Safe.”

shelter kitties adopted


“8 Years Ago Today The Triplets Were Born. From Bottle Feeding Every 3 Hours, To Beautiful Lazy Babies. Bob, Possum, And Arwyn Made Me The Crazy Cat Lady I Am Today”

shelter cats before and after adoption


“Bones Had Some Issues With Ringworm When We First Found Him (~8 Weeks), But He’s All Better Now (2 Years)!”

black rescue kitty then and now

Not to mention, adopting from shelters is a lot cheaper than buying from pet shops. And truth be told, pet store puppies come from puppy mills which have a bad reputation of raising pups in very harsh environments. If you buy from pet stores, you are supporting a market that treats animals as nothing but profit-generating commodities. And if people continue to support these facilities, there’s no way we can solve the overpopulation crisis. To further convince you, these proud owners are sharing photos of their felines before and after adoption to show that a little love goes a long way in changing their lives.


Shelter Kitty Before and After Adoption

rescue kitty with eye injury recovered


“A Local Vet Treated This Rescued Stray From A Bad Case Of Fungus/Ringworm Few Months Ago. Look At Her Now”

rescue kitten with ringworm then and now


“Our Kitty Was Already An Adult In The Photo On The Left. A 6 Month Glow Up.”

furry kitten six months glow up

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“My mom is a realtor. She went to show an empty house and found that the previous owners had left something behind. After checking with the listing agent and finding out that the person who had loved her was deceased, she went back and brought her home.”

abandoned cats before and after adoption


“Two Months Ago I Found Him Mangled, Probably Had Been Run Over, And Almost Dead Due To Dehydration. Vets Had To Amputate One Of His Front Legs And Tail. Today We Finally Took The Cone Of Shame Off And Let Him Chill With Us On The Bed.”

injured cats before and after recovery


“Rey When I Found Her On The Street And At 1 Year Old. Good Job, Baby Girl!”

injured kitty saved from the street recovers


“Two Months Of Love Changed Mr. Biscuits”

rescue cats before and after adoption


Just A Year Apart

stray cats before and after adoption


“From Being Found In Our Woodshed Two Years Ago With Wounds The Vet Believes Was From A Coyote , To Yesterday A Happy Healthy House Kitty. Meet Chip!”

kitty attacked by coyote rescued


“When We Got Hilda She Was Very Underweight After Having Recently Given Birth; Somewhere In The Last 6 Months She Turned Into A Long Haired Beauty Queen!”

rescued cats before and after photos


“I Found This Kitten Dumped In The Middle Of A Road Too Weak And Hungry To Get To Safety. The Photo On The Right Is What 6 Days Of Cuddles By The Fireplace, Lots Of Food And A Cozy Bed Can Do.”

abandoned kitten rescued then and now


“After 6 Months Spent In A Shelter, They Thought He Would Never Get Adopted Due To Him Having FIV. Now He’s Been My Bud For Over A Year And Living His Best Life.”

shelter kitty with fiv adopted


“Apollo Has Given Us Just As Much As We Have Been Able To Give Him”

cats before and after adoption photos


“2 years ago today I walked into a Petsmart and met a cat named Sonny who no one would adopt because he was 13 years old, covered in fleas, underweight, and had a mouth full of rotten teeth that had to be removed. He came home with me that night and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

sickly shelter cats before and after adoption


Rescue Cats Before and After Adoption

shelter kittens adopted then and now


“This Is My Best Friend LCDR Ryker. I Was Told You All Like These Kind Of Stories.”

rescued cats before and after adoption


“Frank At A Couple Weeks vs. Almost A Year, Also Threw In The Christmas Photo With His Brother Teddy”

adopted cats before and after photos


“Got My Feral Kittens At 4 Weeks Old And Now They’re All Grown Up”

feral kittens adopted then and now


“My James Won’t Ever Be Cold Again”

stray cats before and after photos


“Jerry, Found In A Box With His Siblings, Covered In Oil And Fleas At A Couple Of Weeks Old. Now, At 11 Weeks, Healthy And So Lazy. We Fostered All Four Siblings And Adopted Him Ourselves.”

rescue kitten transformation


“Found This Girl In Need While In Greece, Now She Is Our Chunky Mischief Maker.”

rescue cats before and after photos


“The Week I Rescued Him And 4 Months Later. He’s A Terrible Office Assistant”

rescue cats before and after


“Wally Update Pt.2. He Chonkin’ Up Nicely”

underweight kitten chonking up