Shelter Animals Went On A Field Trip To San Antonio Zoo To Meet Their Exotic Relatives

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the global economy to the brink of collapse. Businesses in different sectors are forced to close down indefinitely. San Antonio Zoo and the Animal Defense League of Texas (ADLT) are among the millions of companies that suffered the devastating impact of COVID-19. For these companies, the nationwide lockdown has resulted in a distressing decrease in essential revenue and fundraising support.

Despite the devastating loss in revenue, the zoo and ADLT refuse to raise the white flag just yet. Instead, the two non-profit organizations decided to work together to carry on their missions. And that is to save and take good care of animals, big and small. Last month, the animal shelter took some of its residents to its neighboring zoo for a field trip. The experience was indeed a nice change of pace for the rescue animals. Particularly during these hard times when chances of adoption are very slim. They were able to roam around the zoo and meet their exotic relatives.


Animal Shelter Takes A Few Of Its Residents On A Field Trip At The San Antonio Zoo

rescue animals field trip to san antonio zoo

It wasn’t just the rescue animals that enjoyed it but the zoo residents also had fun to. The leopard seemed to be as curious as the cat when they came face to face at the glass-fronted enclosure. You can also see the dogs enjoying watching the gibbons swing from rope to rope. And how the majestic lion inquisitively took a closer look at an adorable dog in front of him. Indeed, the residents of the zoo were as happy and surprised to see other animals that they don’t usually see every day.

rescue cat meets a leopard at san antonio zoo


san antonio zoo lion looks at a dog visitor

On the video shared by ADLT, you can see the shelter pets watch in awe as they meet their wild relatives. Taking these rescue animals for a field trip at the zoo isn’t just merely a treat for these residents. Moreover, both organizations aimed to bring awareness to the programs that are essential to the wellbeing of their respective animal residents.

“Our two organizations wanted a way to bring awareness to the unique programs we as care providers offer to our resident animals, big and small. Few are aware that both of our organizations have similar foster and enrichment programs that are vital to the health and wellbeing of our animals. Sharing this fun visit on our social media platforms was a way for us to engage with our wonderful community, while offering enrichment to the pets at both the shelter and zoo.”, Michelle Thorson, Development and Marketing Manager for ADLT, said.

zoo and shelter animals meeting up


animal shelter takes residents on a field trip


dogs watch swinging gibbons


shelter dogs on a field trip at san antonio zoo


giraffe looking at a dog


Check out the video of the field trip below


Did you catch us live at the Zoo earlier this month?
We took some of our Paul Jolly residents to visit our San Antonio Zoo neighbors and they were so kind to put together an amazing video of their visit.

Thanks again for having us! We hope to visit again in the near future. ???

Posted by Animal Defense League of Texas on Friday, June 19, 2020

Michelle also encourages the public to lend a helping hand by adopting and fostering shelter pets. People can also volunteer or donate to support the shelter during these tough times. The San Antonio Zoo is also asking for your help so the organization can get back on its feet. Visit the zoo’s website to find out how you can help.

Source: Animal Defense League of Texas