Animal Shelter Put Up ‘The World’s Worst Cat’ For Adoption And People Love Her Description

Helping animal rescues find a new forever home can be challenging. And the folks working over at Mitchell County Animal Rescue sure found a challenge, in the form of a feisty 4-year-old feline named Perdita. At first, they thought she was just grumpy because she was sick, so they had her undergo a thorough health examination. When the results shown that Perdita’s aggression wasn’t caused by an underlying condition, they knew they had to get creative to get people to see beyond her hostile front. And so, they made a brutally straightforward adoption ad that labeled Perdita as the “World’s Worst Cat”.


But Was Perdita Always The Worlds Worst Cat?

The shelter can’t say for sure, but what they do know is that Perdita once had a home. But when her owner died, Perdita became a resident of Mitchell County Animal Rescue. According to the shelter workers, the orphaned kitty seemed to be at odds with herself. Perdita couldn’t decide if she wanted human attention or not. In fact, she was so defensive that she’d take a swipe at anyone who tried to touch her.

perdita the world's worst cat


mitchell county rescue profile for worst cat perdita


mitchell county rescue profile for worst cat perdita dislikes


adoption ad for perdita the world's worst cat


The Drastic Change of Environment May Have Caused Perdita’s Transformation

People looking to adopt a shelter animal typically have a checklist of characteristics. They look for cute, young and easygoing animals to take home with them. But while Perdita is cute and relatively young, she’s not exactly the most approachable resident that Mitchell County Animal Rescue has. The shelter workers believe that she’s having a hard time adjusting to her new environment. After all, a shelter’s crowded and noisy environment will definitely come as a shock to sheltered pets. This may be the case for Perdita.

Moreover, Perdita might be mourning her late owner. Grief in animals is unique and runs deep, just as it does with us. This stress of being transferred to an unfamiliar place while dealing with the loss of her human may be causing her standoffish attitude. This situation can hold back any potential adoption candidate from exhibiting their best behavior that could help them find their next and hopefully, permanent, home.

perdita glares for a photo


Her not-so-flattering endorsement may have done her a lot of good

Thanks to their hilariously snarky ad, Perdita may soon find her new forever home. The shelter happily reported that they have received over 50 adoption applications for their feisty feline. They’re currently trying to match their special resident with someone who can take her sassy attitude. Hopefully the world’s worst cat finds a welcoming home that’ll help her shed her icy demeanor. We’re pretty sure that she’s got a lot of love to give… she just doesn’t know how and who to give it.

worst cat perdita being petted


worst cat perdita enjoys human touch after all


perdita is not impressed


carefully considering applications for perdita's adoption


Perdita likes being scratched too, but not from just anyone


People began sharing their own experience with their similar kitties

comment-affection is entirely on her terms


comment-abandoned kitty didn't trust anyone at first


comment-accept her just as she is


comment-have one with the same personality


comment-kept a foster like perdita


comment-my cat had a sign that said she bites


comment-wish i lived there so i could put application in


comment-we have a calico cat with the exact personality


comment-there's a lid for every pot


comment-sounds familiar


comment-my spirit animal

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