19 Simple Tricks You Need To Know For Speed Cleaning Your Home


OK so your mom has just called to say she's in the area and she's dropping by in 30 minutes. Your home is a mess, what are you going to do? First, don't panic and second, read this! It's so easy to let household cleaning slip when you're leading a busy life. Thankfully we have 19 simple cleaning tricks just made for you. All you need is some store cupboard essentials such as vinegar, lemon juice and even vodka and you are ready to go! Oh and when you're finished you might want to pour yourself a well-earned drink and relax!


Let's face it, cleaning is not fun. Make it more so by putting on a mix of your favorite tunes to accompany you during this most tedious of tasks.


All those cleaning sprays are expensive and sometimes harmful to the environment too. Make your own highly effective dusting spray with essential oils, vinegar and olive oil.


Clean blinds with some vinegar on an old sock.


Run a lint roller over dusty lampshades to make them come up like new again.


Run a rubber glove over fabric to get rid of pet hair fast.



Buy a mega-long extension cord so you can vacuum everywhere without having to start and stop.


Give your home a good tidy and ensure everything is in place.


Light scented candles to make your home smell amazing!


Clean mirrors easily with a microfiber cloth soaked in a vinegar and water solution.


Baking soda and water makes an awesome bath tub cleaner.



Make a DIY linen spray to ensure your fluffy towels smell awesome. Instructions here.


Mix some sweet-smelling essential oils with vodka to make an awesome cleaner for bathroom, kitchen and light fittings.


Mix vodka with water to create an amazing surface cleaner.


Lemon juice and white vinegar is another good mix for cleaning surfaces.


Rubbing alcohol also makes an awesome surface cleaner!



Cleaning wipes are very useful for getting the job done quickly.


Getting those dirty dishes out of the way sooner rather than later will make you feel far happier.


When  you need to straighten your place in a hurry, walk through each room putting all mess temporarily out of sight till your guests leave!


Phew! All that annoying cleaning should be over with now. Put all your cleaning products away together in a basket ready for next time!

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