People Are Sharing Before And After Photos Of Their Adopted Cats And It’s Heartwarming

A little love makes a huge difference and it could change someone else’s life for the better. Just take a look at these rescue kittens with their before and after adoption photos. Their total transformation will surely melt your hearts and inspire you to consider adoption. These inspiring photos just show how tender loving care can be life-changing. Not only did these adopted cats significantly improve physically but also emotionally. From being neglected to being pampered with love, you can just see how happy they are for having found their forever homes.

Adorable, affectionate pets don’t always come from high-end pet shops. Sometimes, we can find them from rescue animal shelters, on the streets or even under our stairs. Giving kittens a home also allows you to save a feline life. If these frail young felines are left abandoned in this harsh world, they are most likely to die. Starvation, predator attack, road accidents and poor health conditions are just some of the factors that may put these poor kittens to their untimely demise.


Remy B., One Of The Rescue Kittens Who Found Their Forever Homes


Adoption Can Change An Animals Life

If you’ve found a stray kitten and it managed to find its way into your heart, congratulations because you may have found your purrfect companion. And the truth is, you’re not alone. Millions of kittens find their homes by stumbling upon compassionate people who decided to take them in. Such is the case for these fortunate cats. You can just see how adoption can change an animal’s life. Looking at their before-adoption photos, it’s almost hard to believe that they would end up looking so charming and gorgeous.


“Our Sweet Little Rescue, Kyra. Everyone Asked To See Her Progress. Well, Here She Is In All Of Her Glory”

If you happen to see a stray kitten, you can help it by giving it something to eat and drink. Keep it isolated from other cats in your home. You must notify your local animal control agency about the stray kitten. It is also possible that the stray cat has an owner and is just a lost cat. If you are interested in adopting the cat, you can ask the agency to notify you if the owner didn’t show up after several days. If the stray cat is indeed unowned then you can officially adopt it as your own.


“The Difference A Rescue Can Make”


Before And After Adoption

After the adoption process, make sure to bring your newly-adopted cat to the vet before you bring it home. Take note that the stray kitten has been living on the street. So, diseases and other health issues are to be expected. Make sure that it receives vaccinations and the necessary medication. Also look for signs of fleas and worms so it could be given proper treatment. After that, you can finally bring your new pet home and introduce it to your family. The transformation may not happen immediately. But you’ll see a dramatic difference with your cat after several days of pampering it with love and care, just like these cute kittens.


“It’s Almost A Year Since My Friend Brought Home A Rescue Kitten, So She Decided To Recreate The First Picture She Took Of Him”


“This Is Leo And We’ve Been Besties Since 2012. He Was Born Under My Stairs, And I Rescued Him. We Love Each Other Very Much”


“My Sweet Boy Keller. I Would Die For Him”


“8 Years Ago For My Birthday I Adopted A Blind Kitten From A Struggling Rescue On Craigslist”


“One Year Ago When I Rescued Her And Now, Showing Gratitude”


“Harvey’s Skinny Body Was Found Abandoned In A Ditch. Fast Forward 5 Years, He’s Now A Confident, Happy, Healthy Boi With A Career In Modelling”


“My Dad Found This Cutie Alongside The Road While Working. I’d Like To Say He Lives A Spoiled Life. October Vs. Now”


“Little Man Rescued Almost One Year Ago And Today”


“My Little Rescue Kitten Isn’t So Little Anymore”


“Took A Stray Mother Cat And Her Kittens Home. A Month After, She Has No More Mange Problem And I Have 3 Fat Kittens Too”


“This Is 1.5 Years Old Pelle. I Became His Momma When His Cat Momma Didn’t Want To Take Care Of Him”


“From A Scared And Starving Kitten Found Under My Boyfriend’s House, To A Fat And Curious Little Hell Raiser 6 Months Later”


This Transformation Is Amazing

“I Found Chelvin Very Sick And Malnourished Just Outside My Neighborhood. He Was Only A Few Weeks Old. Three Weeks Of Love And Care Went A Long Way”


“Pugsley The Rescue Cat Before And After. It’s Amazing What A Little Love And Some Strong Antibiotics Can Do”


“He’s a whole lot better compared to when he was first rescued! My friend took him in and helped Stitchey! He’s playful and living his best life!”


Rescue Kittens: Before And After Adoption Transformation


“Cat Foster Family Said ‘Don’t You Want To Adopt These Two? They’d Be So Happy Together.’ They Were So Right”


“My 96g Hand Rear Boy Made It! He’s Now 2kg And Almost 4 Months Old. He And His Rescue Sister Have Given My Life Meaning”


“Just Got This Before Pic From The Shelter. From A Stray In Thailand To The Queen Of Our Apartment, Meet Connie”


“Fenek – Six Months Ago And Today”


“The Guy From A Bus Stop Who Ate All Of Our Food”


“Our Rescue Tiara – She Went Through 3 Foster Homes Before Coming Home And Never Leaving My Side Again”


“From Being Found Frozen Into The Side Of The Highway, To Losing Part Of Her Tail From The Trauma, To Gorgeous Girl Living The Best Life. She’s Brought So Much Love Into Our Lives”


“Meet Frankie! Adopted Him From The Shelter Six Weeks Ago. Now I Know Why Parents Say They ‘Grow Up So Fast!'”


“In The 1st Pic Is My Boyfriend’s Cat When He Found Her In The Rain Meowing Alone, 2nd Is A Few Days After He Cleaned And Fed Her, And 3rd Is Her Today, Six Months After He Found Her”


Transformation After Adoption: From Dumpster Kitties To Gorgeous Princesses


“I Adopted A Stray Cat 3 Months Ago. She Was Very Weak And Couldn’t Stand On Her Own Legs. But She Was Truly A Fighter. Meet Katie”


“Exactly One Year When I Rescued Him. He Had A Lot Of Medical Problems And Almost Didn’t Survive When He Had FCV. He Is Now A Healthy Whiny Lil Baby With A Small Head”


“Three Months & Two Lbs Later”


“Peter The Cat On The Day My Daughter Rescued It From A Ditch, And Four Years Later”


“My Wickett, First At 3 Weeks Old When He Came In As A Foster, Then 12 Weeks After I Adopted, Then His First Birthday And Today”