Hilarious Photos Of Lazy People Who Cleverly Do Things Their Way

We are all guilty of being lazy at times. But some lazy people take this laziness to a whole new level. There are those that would roll their eyes at taking seemingly silly shortcuts whereas others would see brilliance. Take a look at these funny photos of lazy people that will make you question whether they are clever people or simply over the top…

This a lazy person’s version of a Christmas tree.

Surfboards are made for this.

If you can’t beat it, avoid it.

The limitless application of duct tape.

How to take a dog for a walk without getting out of your chair.

I woke up like this, and now I’m strolling around the city.

A peek into the every day life of a lazy man.

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He accepts invisible money.

The effect of segway to lazy people.

We’re receiving mixed messages here…

The TV needs to adjust to my comfort.

Hoodies are so convenient.

They won’t know what they don’t see.

What could be more relaxing than lying face down on a lounge chair while sipping ice-cold soda?