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Camper playhouse

Kids Will Loves These Cute Camper Playhouses This Summer

In this modern era where kids are glued to their gadgets, the essence of outdoor playtime and physical activities seemed to have been disregarded. One of the most effective ways to get them to play outside is to build them a beautiful playhouse. Whil...
bee home

IKEA Is Encouraging People To Build Custom Bee Homes For Free

In celebration of World Bee Day, which is held annually on May 20th, IKEA offers a free open source design that allows everyone to build a bee home. Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem because they are the world’s most important pollinator of fo...

Pakistan Hires Unemployed People To Help Plant Billions Of Trees

Besides the increasing death toll, the ongoing pandemic has also prompted a surge in the number of unemployed workers globally. Sure, relief packages and financial support from different government bodies may somehow help people get by for the time b...