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Pakistan Hires Unemployed People To Help Plant Billions Of Trees

Besides the increasing death toll, the ongoing pandemic has also prompted a surge in the number of unemployed workers globally. Sure, relief packages and financial support from different government bodies may somehow help people get by for the time b...
Strawberry Blonde Sunflower seeds

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers Look Like Mini Sunsets

If you’re looking for unique flowers to add to your garden then you really need to get these Strawberry Blonde Sunflower Seeds. Considered as one of the mesmerizing varieties of sunflowers, these flowers feature shades of pink, burgundy and yellow. I...
Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter

This Guy Crafted A Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter From An Old Saw Blade

We love Wu-Tang and we love pizza. God bless Youtuber Graz Makes for combining the two together. In one of his Youtube videos, the brilliant maker of all sorts of things showed how to make a Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this bef...