These Solar-Powered Sunflower Lights Are A Beautiful Way To Light Up Your Garden At Night

Blooming flowers truly make any garden a delightful sight. But what about at night? Keep the beauty of your garden alive even in the dark with these solar powered sunflower lights. If you’re into this sort of thing, you probably already have the light-up lily flowers in your garden. But if you’re looking for more assortments of glow-in-the-dark flowers then these illuminated sunflowers will bring an extra touch of allure to your outdoor space.

Exquisitely designed to resemble a real flower, these solar powered lights are made from thick fabric and plastic. This gives the faux flower a very realistic look and feel. The lifelike flower is attached to a plastic stem complete with plastic leaves. The stem is connected to a solar panel with a built-in 600mAh battery that charges throughout the day. So when the night comes, the fully-charged battery powers the LED lights in the flower to give it a warm glow.


Solar-Powered Sunflower Lights

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To charge during the day, make sure to turn on the solar panel to activate solar charging. With a fully-charged battery, the sunflower lights should automatically light up at night for about 8 hours. In order to get it fully-charged during the day, make sure that the solar panel is facing the sun. Placing the flowers in a spot where they can receive sufficient sunlight helps optimize battery charging for longer operation during the night.

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To help you plant these sunflower lights easily, each stemmed flower comes with its own stainless steel stake. Attach the solar panel to the stake and simply push the stake into the ground. There’s no need for additional tools to install these light-up flowers into your garden. All you need to do is connect the components together straight out of the box. Find an ideal location to plant them, switch on the solar panel and let it charge. At night, watch as the beautiful faux flowers glow and illuminate your garden.

solar powered sunflower lights waterproof


solar powered sunflower lights faux flower

These solar powered lights are made from durable and waterproof materials intended for outdoor use. Furthermore, the battery is encased in rubber to protect it from dust and moisture. They still work and won’t get damaged even in the rain or other severe weather. This beautiful faux flower measures 26 inches tall including the stem, solar panel and steel stake. It is available in a pack of 2. One happy buyer wrote:

“I love these. We have trouble with critters eating our flowers on the deck. So this year, we are putting faux flowers in the pots. We have a beautiful deck during the day, and at night we have a wonderful light show. They have withstood rainstorms so far.”

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solar powered sunflower lights

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