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backyard coffee shop

Dad Builds Coffee Shop In Backyard And Now Everybody Wants One

There’s always something we love the most that we just can’t live without. For this dad, his love for coffee shops motivated him to build his own, right in his backyard. His daughter documented the construction of his project from the ground up on he...
IKEA Furniture Forts

IKEA Shows You How To Make 6 Epic Furniture Forts At Home

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? IKEA will help you and your kids get through the boredom of quarantine with a campaign offering 6 ways to make furniture forts. As a kid, we used to build our own indoor forts using everyday items like...
Camper playhouse

Kids Will Loves These Cute Camper Playhouses This Summer

In this modern era where kids are glued to their gadgets, the essence of outdoor playtime and physical activities seemed to have been disregarded. One of the most effective ways to get them to play outside is to build them a beautiful playhouse. Whil...