This Bird Feeder Attaches To Your Window So Wildlife Can Step Inside Your Home To Eat

From mini picnic tables and saloons, there are many creative ways to feed our backyard critter friends. Unfortunately, most of these are designed to be installed in the far outdoors, either in the garden or patio. While this setup ensures your safety as you feed them, it makes it quite difficult to observe them enjoy your offerings. Well, this inside-house bird feeder allows you to feed your outdoor furry friends right at the comfort of your home. Moreover, it gives you a close-up view as they feed while ensuring a safe distance between you and them.

This unique critter feeder mounts into your window seamlessly, pretty much like a window air conditioner. It features a semicircular top and base as well as two adjustable, rectangular PVC panels. It weighs just about 9 lbs. and measures 9.25” tall, 36” wide, and 9” deep. So, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into most single and double-hung windows ranging from 27″ to 36″ wide. Since it primarily consists of durable plastic parts, it’s weather-resistant, shatterproof, and rustproof, making it perfect for outdoor use.

inside house bird feeder


inside house bird feeder window accessory


inside house bird feeder tray


inside house curved bird feeder


This inside-house bird feeder gives you a close-up view as your backyard critter friends feast on the treats you’ve prepared for them

In addition, it comes with a curved polycarbonate window that protrudes inwards. This gives you an immersive view of your critter buddies as they enjoy a hearty meal. Do note, though, that this feeder doesn’t come with a two-way mirror panel. As birds are naturally territorial and aggressive creatures, they tend to attack even their own reflections. Such panel design helps prevent this incident from happening, which also reduces the probability of the birds injuring themselves.

window-mounted in-house critter food tray


window-mounted in-house critter food tray window attachment


window-mounted in-house critter food tray window accessory


window-mounted in-house curved critter food tray

For your convenience, this feeder tray with a panoramic view also features an indoor refill door on top. So, you can easily fill it with treats even from the inside—from mealworms, seeds, nuts, and fruits. With a capacity of seven pounds, it allows you to feed not just birds but other critters too, including squirrels, chipmunks, and more.

inside house panoramic bird feeder


inside house bird feeder window attachment


inside house bird feeder tray window attachment

For best results, we recommend installing it in your kitchen’s window, so your critter friends can join you in your mealtimes. Likewise, you can install it in your living room’s window, so you can enjoy a relaxing view as you lounge on the couch.

One happy buyer wrote:

“I am obsessed with this window. Love watching the birds visit. It took them a while to come in after installing, and they only ever stay long enough to look around and grab a snack, but I see one in there many times a day now and it’s so fun.”

Source: Wayfair