This Cute Cat Planter Is The Purrfect Place To Grow A Cactus

Cats and cacti – no other pair could possibly top the cuteness of this adorable duo. This cat cactus planter combines two of our most favorite things into one. Bring the pawsitive vibe into your home by adding this succulent planter in the shape of a whimsical kitty. And enjoy every meowment admiring this practical piece of art. Okay, enough with the furbulous puns.

This cute cactus planter is made from marble and eco-friendly plastic. But more importantly, the 3D printed vase comes in the form of a cartoonish cat with its bowl-like belly designed to contain the plant. Although you can use it for any type of indoor plants, we highly recommend using it with upright-growing cacti. The upright cactus, as a tail, will amazingly complete the feline look that any cat lover will surely love.


Cat Cactus Planter

cat cactus planter

Each planter has a draining hole on the bottom of its belly to allow excess water to seep out of the vase after watering. This also prevents the succulent plant becoming over-watered which can stunt its growth. Just put a small upright cactus on it and add some pebbles. Then display your succulent version of Nyan Cat to impress your guests.

cat cactus planter grey marble


cute cat cactus planter grey marble


cat-shaped succulent vase twilight black


cute cat cactus planter


succulent plant vase drainage hole

The cat planter is available in 7 different colors including grey marble, twinkling black, cool white, bone white, plain black, chocolate and random multi-color. It comes in regular and extra-large sizes. Regular size measures 3.7 inches high, 3.45 inches wide and 5 inches long while the extra-large measures 5.47 inches high, 5.62 inches wide and 9 inches long. Use the regular size for a small cactus and the extra-large for a medium-sized cactus or succulent. The plant is not included with the purchase. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I ordered 3 and they are so cute! I planted the cactus just like they are pictured and it’s just amazing.”

cat cactus planter sizes


cat-shaped succulent vase white


cat-shaped succulent vases


cat cactus planter plain black


cat cactus planter brown


cat-shaped succulent vase multicolor


cute cat-shaped succulent vase

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Source: Etsy