This Mini Macrame Plant Hanger Means You And Your Plant Can Hangout Wherever You Go

Give your car interior a natural touch with this charming mini macrame car plant hanger. Most of us only decorate our vehicle’s exterior simply because it’s the part that people focus on. Sure, you can impress everyone with your dazzling car’s exterior. But what about the inside of your vehicle? Many of us consider our cars as our second home on wheels. And just like how we enhance our home interior, we should also make the inside of our second home as nice as possible to.

Of course, you will need some of the best interior decorations to make your car’s interior look cool and luxurious. For vehicle interior decorations, the possibilities are endless. Some of the popular decorative items include figurines, bobblehead dolls, dreamcatchers and plush toys. But if you want to bring a natural element into your car’s interior, this mini plant hanger is sure to improve your driving space. Ideal for plant lovers, this hanging ornament will give off that natural ambience for a more pleasurable ride.


Mini Macrame Car Plant Hanger

mini macrame car plant hanger

This mini plant hanger is designed for the car’s rear view mirror. The knotted holder is made out of cotton cord. It measures approximately 15 inches long and can hold a 2-inch pot. You can opt to get the macramé only, macramé with terracotta pot, macramé with terracotta pot and plant or all three items with 2 extra plants. The faux plants are made of plastic and are carefully handmade to mimic real succulents. The plants are detachable so you can switch them out whenever you like.

knotted cotton fabric pot holder for vehicle


knotted cotton fabric pot holder


mini macrame car plant hanger terracotta pot


mini macrame car plant hanger with pot and plant


mini faux succulent plants


hanging macrame planter holder for vehicle

This mini plant hanger would also be a pretty piece of décor for your home. If you want the pots with hand-painted patterns, you can buy some extra pots from the same shop. You can choose from two different patterns: diagonal stripes and horizontal stripes. The shop also offers a gift wrapping option so you can give this as a gift to the special people in your life.  One satisfied customer wrote:

“This looks so good in any car! Me and my husband share a car, and this adorable little number looks great and isn’t too ‘girly’. And it doesn’t block my vision while driving either. It’s small enough to fit into your hand. It adds such a nice, earthy touch to our car.”

mini macrame car plant hanger faux plant


mini pot faux plant


hanging pot planter holder


knotted macrame planter holder


mini pot faux succulent plant


macrame cotton planter holder


mini macrame car plant hanger rear view mirror

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mini macrame car plant hanger cotton cord

Source: Etsy