This Solar Powered Fountain Pump Has Beautiful LED Lights That Come On At Night

Nothing complements a landscaped garden like a mesmerizing water fountain. It doesn’t just look great in your outdoor space but it also attracts birds and offers them a source of fresh water. This solar powered fountain pump will be a wonderful addition to your backyard and it can serve as a charming bird bath and more. It is also has 8 bright LED lights to create an enthralling light display at night.

This fountain pump has a laminated solar panel that charges its built-in 1200mAh battery when exposed to sufficient sunlight. The solar panel also generates power to activate the water pump. There are 3 suction cups located at the bottom of the device. These allow you to easily affix it into your existing water basin or bird bath bowl. The bottom part of the solar panel is lined with a waterproof foam pad that lets the device float on any water. So you can also just let it float freely on your pool and watch the floating water fountain delight your guests.


Solar Powered Fountain Pump

water spray solar panel

This fountain pump offers 4 working modes to choose from: daytime mode, night mode, low battery mode and sleeping mode. In daytime mode, the device continuously sprays water with the LED lights off as the solar panels charges the battery. Choosing night mode activates the water spray for 5 – 6 hours with the LED lights on. Use the low battery mode if you want to conserve battery energy. This mode only turns the red LED light on at night and automatically turns the light off in the daytime. Lastly, the sleeping mode turns off both the water pump and the LED lights.


Daytime and Night Mode

solar powered fountain pump led lights


solar powered fountain pump

This solar powered fountain pump comes with a set of nozzles and sprinklers to let you choose your desired spray height and pattern. Simply attach one of the three included spray nozzles into the sprinkler and watch the water spurt widely in all directions. If you want a straight spurt then simply remove the spray nozzle from the sprinkler. Make sure that the water basin has enough water to completely immerse the device. When using it in daytime mode, make sure that it is directly facing the sun to get the solar panel at full throttle.

solar powered fountain pump nozzles sprinklers


floating water spray nozzle integration

Additionally, this fountain pump also has a magnetic control switch that comes in handy when there is limited sunlight. When it’s cloudy or rainy, the device usually uses the battery due to insufficient sunlight. As a result, the battery will be used up during the daytime, leaving it drained at night. When there’s not enough sunshine, you can opt to turn the device off through the magnetic control switch. This will conserve the battery life which will be later used at night.

solar powered fountain pump parts


floating water spray with led lights

If you find the water not spraying properly, it is mainly because the filtration box has been blocked with dirt buildup, leaves or other small particles. When this happens, all you have to do is remove the pump and clean the cotton filter with running water. This square-shaped solar powered water pump measures 6.5 inches wide and it is a solid black color. It makes a fascinating addition to any backyard and a more cost-effective alternative to its electric counterparts.

solar powered fountain pump how to clean


bird bath water spray


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