Osiria Roses Have Both Red And White Petals

Considered the ‘queen of the garden’, roses are truly the masterpiece of all the flowers and arguably the most loved flower in the world. Coming in different colors and sizes, all roses are stunningly beautiful. But there are some varieties that are simply fabulous and the Osiria rose is one of them. These beautiful blooms flaunt a striking two-tone color swirl. They are known for their red petals and luminous white center that look too good to be true.

The gorgeous-looking Osiria rose is a hybrid tea rose, a class of roses characterized by large ornate blooms with around 30 petals budding off of long stems. This particular velvety bloom is originally bred by Reimer Kordes in 1978 in Germany. These flowers typically bloom from June to November, and can reach a height of 45 inches to 70 inches. With its bright red petals and pristine white center, this scented and charming flower has been highly regarded as a showpiece in many glamorous bouquets and floral displays.


Osiria Rose With Red And White Petals

osiria rose

The Osiria rose is indeed a spectacular flower that can make any garden stand out. However, growing a hybrid tea rose can be quite a challenge. First, the seeds need to go through stratification process before they can sprout. Keeping them in a cold moist storage for a period of time helps simulate natural conditions to let the seeds break dormancy and initiate germination process. Most gardeners tend to chill the seeds for 6 – 10 weeks before planting as to encourage germination.

hybrid tea roses two-tone red white petals

To do this, plant the seeds approximately ¼ inch deep in a seed-planting mix in a seedling tray. The seed-planting mix should be moist but should not be soaking wet. Cover the seedling tray in a plastic bag, making sure that it is completely sealed. Then place the tray in the refrigerator crisper for 6 – 10 weeks. After the stratification period, retrieve the seedling tray and place it in a warm environment of around 70? F. The seeds should start to sprout in 2 – 3 weeks after having been placed in warm environment.

osiria rose two-tone petals


Once the Osiria rose seeds sprout, you can now transplant them in separate pots. Be careful not to touch the roots while you’re transferring them, use a spoon if necessary. Mix half strength fertilizer to the potting soil and place the pots in spots where they can receive plenty of light. Water well daily to let them grow in their most fabulous blooms. Take note that the plant itself can attract insects and is susceptible to plant fungus. So, you have to be vigilant and always have fungicides and insecticides at hand.


hybrid tea roses red white petals

Osiria rose, just like any of hybrid tea rose, takes time to flower and bloom. So, you’ll need to be very patient and make sure insects and powdery mildew don’t beat you to it. Your efforts will be rewarded once you see the beautiful red-and-white flowers bloom in your garden.

osiria rose red white petals

Source/Seeds: Etsy