Step-Up Your Halloween Game This Year With A Few ‘Eyeball Plants’

Are you ready to go all out decking your house for Halloween? If yes then we’ve found a new way to have all eyes on your lawn, idiomatically and literally. These eyeball plants will bring the spooky vibe to your porch, front lawn, or garden to get your home into the Halloween spirit. And let these watchful ghoulish eyes strike terror into your guests and trick-or-treaters who dare step into your yard.

These creepy eyeball plants are not plants but are rather markers or stakes. So, don’t mistake them for the actual peek-a-boo herbs of the daisy family. And if you find those weird-looking plants creepy then you’ll certainly find these Halloween props even creepier. Inspired by the alien-looking flowers, this eerie decor features a large bloodshot blue eye sprouting from a long brown stem that also acts as the stake. Simply stick the pointed base into the ground or in a planter next to your plants. And watch the spooky eyes peak out from the leaves and bushes to keep an eye on you.


Eyeball Plants

eyeball plants

These eyeball plants are handmade out of earthenware clay and accentuated with enamel paint. Each ceramic piece is fired in the kiln and features high quality craftsmanship that makes every piece unique. Placing more of these orbs will make your garden or planters look amusingly disturbing. You can also up your Halloween décor game by poking a pair of these into your pumpkins to turn them into freaky aliens.

eyeball plants creepy decors


ceramic orbs halloween decors


eyeball plants markers

If you have skeleton or mummy decorations, you can also place these ghastly eyes into the eye sockets to make it look like their eyes are about to pop out from their heads. Or if you have some Halloween tombstones yard decors, you can cunningly plant these props in front of the graves. The possibilities are endless for these markers to spookify any Halloween décor theme.

weird looking pumpkin alien


alien eyes halloween props


eyeball plants bloodshot eyes

These ceramic eyeball plants are sold individually. But of course, more of these will make your spooky decorations more conspicuous and eye-catching. Each marker measures 7 inches long with the orb measuring 1 inch in diameter. One happy buyer wrote:

“These are so cool! I bought 2 and stuck them in a window planter at just about eye level. On Halloween, someone walked past them and jumped! So funny. They’re very well made and fun.”

halloween decor alien eyes


ceramic stakes halloween props


eyeball plants planter markers

Source: Etsy