If You’re Useless At Maintaining Plants, Get These Adorable Crochet Succulents Instead

There are many reasons for a heartbreak, and one of which is having to see your indoor plants dying. Save yourself from all the heartaches and get yourself crochet succulents. These knitted alternatives look as lovely as the real thing. But unlike the real plants, these charming decors will never die or wither. You don’t even have to bother with watering, choosing the perfect location, and providing the suitable temperature in order for them to thrive indoors. No toilsome maintenance required, just pretty faux plants that will last a lifetime.

Succulent plants come in beautiful unique colors, shapes, and sizes. And their attractive miniature look also made them the trendiest indoor plant in the last couple of years. But no matter how many people try to tout these fleshy plants as the ‘easiest plant to grow’, many of us still hang our heads in shame for failing to keep them alive. Well, now we don’t have to worry about these things. We could just make our own crochet succulents and adorn our homes with gorgeous plants sans the tricky maintenance.


Crochet Succulents

crochet succulents

If you love needlecraft then you might want to consider these crochet succulents as your next project. This Etsy shop offers easy-to-follow patterns to create, not just one, but 12 crochet potted plants made entirely of worsted yarn. The e-book in PDF file format contains detailed patterns for realistic succulents including succulent echeveria, lucky bamboo, aloe vera, snake plant, palm tree, Venus fly trap, hanging plants, and more. Although the patterns recommend using worsted yarn, don’t be afraid to experiment and use different types of yarn. You can also change the colors or modify the shapes according to your liking.

yarn potted plants


yarn stuffed faux plant


crochet succulents worsted yarn


yarn stuffed plant


cute amigurumi cactus


crochet succulents hanging plants

Please note that you will be purchasing a digital pattern, not a physical item. Once payment is confirmed, the PDF file will be available for you to download. The file will also be sent to your email. Designed for beginners, the pattern also includes basic stitching tutorials to get you started. All of the cute crochet succulents are inspired by amigurumi style or the Japanese art of crocheting tiny, stuffed yarn creatures. One satisfied customer wrote:


“I am so obsessed with these patterns! I am so glad I got them. They are super easy to follow and come out so cute! I love how they are written for anyone to understand and even included an uplifting pep talk to get started!”

crochet succulents amigurumi style


yarn potted plants patterns


crochet succulents cute amigurum


crochet succulents patterns


amigurumi yarn potted plants


crochet succulents digital patterns

Source: Etsy