These Adorable Crochet Cacti Are Perfect For The Person Who’s Useless At Maintaining Plants

Do you want a succulent plant that never needs watering and never withers? This crochet cactus has all of the charm of the real succulent without the thorns and the commitment. You don’t have to worry about taking care of it or having to choose the ideal spot where it can prosper. Just place this alluring faux succulent anywhere you like and let it adorn your home forever.

Handmade of cotton yarn and hypoallergenic polyester filling, this crochet cactus comes in 4 different styles to choose from. Style A comes in the shape of a mini saguaro cactus, style B features a barrel-type succulent plant, style C has the shape of a columnar cactus, and style D flaunts distinctive pads of a prickly pear. All four styles come planted in their own clay pot and come complete with crochet soil. Every faux plant also includes a pack of decorative pebbles in case you want to hide the yarn soil.


Crochet Cactus

crochet cactus in clay pot

Of course, blooming succulents are characterized by their colorful buds and flowers. For the flowers, you can choose up to 4 types of crochet flowers. You can also opt to add flowers and buds or only buds. Moreover, you can customize the color of the cactus body which is available in light green and dark green colors. And choose your desired colors for the flowers and buds based on the color palette provided. To order, choose the cactus style you want then select the flower type from the dropdown list. Specify your personalization details on the textbox below the dropdown menu before your confirm your purchase.

crochet cactus in pot


crocheted faux plant with decorative pebbles


crocheted succulent


crochet cactus faux succulent

The clay pot measures 2 inches high, except for crochet cactus style D which comes in a bigger 2.4-inch high pot. A cute decoration that is guaranteed to liven up your home or office. It also makes a perfect gift for any succulent lover or crochet enthusiast. One happy customer wrote:

“The cactus is very well made and as described. It is super cute, and standing proudly on my shelf.”

crochet cactus in pot yarn


crocheted faux plant with flowers


crocheted succulent top


crochet cactus in pot with flowers

Source: Etsy