People Are Sharing Pics Of How These Heatwaves Are Getting Out Of Hand

Warm weather is to be expected in summer season. But what makes the summer of 2021 different is that temperatures are forecasted to go above-normal. This means summer heatwaves are to be expected and are likely to affect much of Western North America. The current air temperature anomalies is what causes the extreme heat we’re experiencing right now. While summer peak typically occurs in late July, hottest weather this year could peak in late August or early September. So, expect the temperature to increase for the next days.

The summer heatwaves are so brutal and unbearable as they are now. This phenomenon has affected several states in the United States as well as some parts of Canada. It has resulted in some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in Canada and US states including Washington, Oregon, and California. In order to show the devastating effects of this phenomenon, people from affected regions are sharing photos of how they’re dealing with the excessively hot weather. Finding clever ways to keep their pets cool, cooking steak on a truck dashboard, slippers melting on a hot pavement, people and animals taking refuge in shaded areas, and many more.


People Around The World Are Sharing How They’re Dealing With Summer Heatwaves


“Shop owner lets kittens sleep on top of freezer. It is kinda hot in Turkey.”

shop owner lets kittens cool down on top of freezer

Not just in Western North America, other parts of the world are also experiencing record-high temperatures associated with the current summer heatwaves. Australia, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, London, Netherlands, Belgium, Korea, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Brazil – these are only few of the countries affected by the extreme weather event that climate experts conclude only happens 1-in-1000 years. The record-smashing heat has been linked to the effects of climate change.


“Saw This While Walking Through A Small Town In VA. It’s Nice To Know That Someone Is Looking Out For All The Pups In This Summer Heat”

free dog pool to keep them cool


“Guy In Hot Arizona Heat Did Not Want His Dog’s Paws To Burn. So He Pulls Him In A Cooler.”

summer heatwaves dog in a cooler


“How We Beat The Heat In Australia. Ice Cold Can On A Warm Belly”

pup cooling down with ice cold can on belly

Greenhouse gases are poised to make heatwaves more intense and more frequent as they are the cause of an abnormal weather pattern known as a heat dome. Within a heat dome, hot air is forced to rise but is then trapped and forced back toward the ground, compressing and heating up the air even more. The process is repeated over and over, with the air getting hotter and hotter as the cycle continues.


Climate Experts Are Linking Climate Change With The Excessively Hot Weather


“It’s Hot In Thailand”

summer heatwaves chilling dog


“It Was A Really Hot Day. So This Little Guy Decided To Lick The Condensation Off My Drink.”

lizard licking condensation off cold drink


“Giving Water To A Dehydrated Bunny In 100-Degree Heat”

summer heatwaves thirsty wild jackrabbit

Summer heatwaves may not sound as destructive as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes. But this phenomenon is actually the deadliest weather-related event to ever strike the planet. Consequences include extensive wildfires, heat stroke, water shortages, and damage to crops, livestock, roads and rail infrastructure.


“A Security Man In Egypt Decided To Cover The Dog’s Paws To Protect Him From The Hot Pavement”

summer heatwaves dog with shoes


“Nature In The Shadow Of Technology”

sheep take a shade wind turbine shadow


“It’s Just A Dry Heat”

summer heatwaves branded by hot penny


How To Beat The Summer Heatwaves?

There are plenty of ways to survive a heatwave. Hydration is essential to keep your body cool in hot weather so drink plenty of water. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing and avoid strenuous activity to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. Stay in the coolest available place and avoid too much sun exposure. And look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool in scorching heat such as children, pets, and older people.


“Due To The Extreme Heat (40C) My Local Convenience Store Let A Stray Dog Inside To Cool Off”

dog cooling off inside convenience store


“Too Hot For The Fox In London Today”

fox taking shade in the yard hot day


“Moose Finds Water On A Hot Day”

summer heatwaves moose loves sprinkler


“Farmer Takes A Couple Of His Pigs To Go Swimming During Heatwave In The Netherlands”

summer heatwaves farmer takes pigs for swimming


“After 40°C Heat, It Finally Started To Rain”

people enjoying the rain summer


“It’s A Bit Hot In Australia Today”

summer heatwaves melting slippers


“It’s So Bloody Hot Here In Australia At The Moment, And I Wondered Why Birds Weren’t Using Our Bird Bath”

snake in bird bath hot day


“Left My Cassette Adapter In The Car In The Hot Sun. Result: Hottest Mixtape Of The Year”

summer heatwaves melting cassette tape


“Hot Australian Days Have Melted Our Wax Buddha Into Slumber”

summer heatwaves melting wax buddha


“Postal Worker Cooks Steak On Truck Dashboard To Showcase ‘Inhumane’ Working Conditions During Extreme Heat”

summer heatwaves steak cooked on a truck dashboard


“Due To The Heat Waves In Belgium Hedgehogs Have Trouble Finding Food So They Wander Into Gardens”

hedgehog wander into gardens for food


“The Heatwave In Britain Made These Cans Explode In The Vending Machine”

summer heatwaves canned soda exploding inside vending machines


“It’s Hot Today In Colorado”

deer taking shade under trampoline


“I Spotted This Guy In Paris Helping His Pupper Cool Off In The 40°C Heatwave”

guy helping dog cool off hot day


“It’s So Hot Here In CA That This Gas Station Puts Covers On The Door Handles To Prevent One From Burning Their Hands”

summer heatwaves door handles cover



people lined up taking shade pole shadow


“It Was Pretty Hot In Korea Today”

dog cooling off store refrigerator


“You Know It Is Hot When…”

dog cooling off ice rocks


“My Dad Booked A Trip To Canada After Telling Us He Was Sick Of The Florida Heat. Today, I Look Out My Balcony Window To See Him Walking Around Like This”

florida man cooling off canadian snow


“Mom Found This Good Boye Outside A Store In 40 Degrees Heat”

summer heatwaves dog chilling


“When It’s So Hot Out, You Need To Take A Break From Doing Your Squirrel Things”

squirrel taking a break on a hot day


“These Birds Making Use Of Limited Shade On A Hot Day”

birds lined up for limited shade


“It’s Been Hot In Alaska”

moose drinking form sprinklers


“The Way These Fish Take Shelter From The Hot Sun In The Shade”

summer heatwaves fishes taking shade


“You Know It’s A Hot Day In Canada When…”

gopher taking shade on hot day


“This Ceiling Fan In Puerto Rico Got So Hot It Melted”

summer heatwaves melting ceiling fan


“You Know It’s Hot In Florida When…”

seagulls taking shade under a tree


“Friend Posted This To Facebook ‘How I Cut My Lawn When It’s 98 Degrees'”

remote controlled lawn mower


“Cozy Muffin! Heatwave In Switzerland And Only One Room Has AC”

dog chilling in bed ac room


“When I Asked Him What He Was Doing His Response Was Simple ‘I’m Hot'”

kid inside fridge hot day


“This Is How We Are Dealing With The Heat In Brazil”

hands-free wearable umbrella hot day


“This Is A Hot Post”

summer heatwaves extreme temperature


“It Was A Hot Day In Tallahassee”

sweaty back backpack


“Ground Temp Thanks To Heatwave In Australia. 153.3F For You Other Guys”

ground temperature too high


“Heatwave In Europe? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome”

summer heatwaves water drum solution


“Decided To Do Some Cooking Outside During Phoenix’s 118-Degree Heatwave Today”

summer heatwaves baking cookies on car dashboard


“The Way These Candles Melted In The Heat Today”

summer heatwaves melting candle


“It’s So Hot In Vegas Today That My Gummy Bears Liquified In My Trunk Before I Could Get Them Home”

summer heatwaves liquified gummy bears


“Friend Forgot He Had Bear Mace In His Car And The Hot Sun Turned It Into A Spice Missile That Shattered The Windshield And Coated The Inside In No-No Foam”

bear mace exploding inside car hot day