People Share Pics Of Puppies Sleeping In Strange Positions And There’s Nothing More Adorable

Let these photos of puppies sleeping in awkward yet cute positions warm your hearts. If there’s anything that can melt even the coldest of hearts, it’s the irresistible cuteness of pups. They can ease away our stress just by looking at them vigorously prancing around like miniature tornadoes. And even when they’re just lounging around or taking a nap, these little bundle of cuteness provoke in us an automatic response that would make us wish to cuddle with them all the time.

Puppies love to play and explore, which is just normal for these curious little fellas as they begin to discover new things. But just like human babies, they spend most of their time sleeping to help them rest up during growth spurts. One minute they’re bursting with energy, and the next they’ve fallen soundly asleep. And since they sleep most of the time, we often find them in various sleeping positions – from the adorable to the candidly weird.


Puppies Sleeping In Hilarious Positions

puppies sleeping in funny positions

Most dogs sleep on their side or curled up. But if your pup sleeps in other positions, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your pet. Some puppies fall asleep sprawled out on their tummy, making them look like Superman flying in the air. They usually nap in this position as it allows them to pop up and spring into action right away at a moment’s notice. But the most bizarre and probably the most hilarious is when they sleep on their back with all four paws sticking up in the air.

“My Lab Puppy Sleeping On My Workboots”

lab puppy napping on workboots


“Oh You Know, Just A Corgi Puppy Sleeping On I’s Face.”

puppies sleeping in superman position


“Beautiful Puppy Sleeping.”

puppies sleeping in funny positions graceful

Regardless of how they want to position themselves to sleep, you should let them sleep however and whenever they want. Puppies need about 18-20 hours of sleep a day so they can grow healthy. For our part as owners, we need to make sure that they are comfortable and safe while they snooze. And if they happen to sleep in weird positions, just let them be as long as they’re comfortable with it. Or better yet, snap a picture of them and share the pics to share the fun.

“My New Puppy Perrin Sleeping With His New Favorite Toy”

pup sleeps with toy


Sleepy Puppy

pup napping in diving position


“Corgi Puppy In A Hat”

pup in a hat


“Tiny Fanny Doin’ A Snooze.”

puppies sleeping in cute positions


“Corgi Pups Looking Drugged”

corgi puppies sleeping in weird positions


“I Found My Puppy Sleeping Like This”

pup napping in between couch


“My Golden Retriever Likes To Sleep Under The Toilet”

pup napping under the toilet


“Okay Everybody Go To Bed. LIGHTS OUT I am serious.”


“And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Puppy Programming”

hilarious flat pupper


“Does Anyone Else’s Corgi Sleep Like This?”

corgi pup napping in awkward position


“Not Sure That’s How The Designers Intended The Dog Bed To Be Used”

puppies sleeping funny legs on bed


“I Think He’s Melting”

puppies sleeping funny positions


“This Is Ralph. Ralph Likes To Nap.”

puppies sleeping on their back


“Pupper Does A Good Sleep”

pupper napping on the couch


“This Is How She Sleeps.”

puppies sleeping funny positions paws up


“Sleep Mode: Derp”

puppies sleeping on their back legs crossed



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