People Share Funny Everyday Photos Of Their Dogs Doing Questionable Dog Things

Imagine a world without dogs. We bet that would be so boring! After all, it’s no secret that our canine friends help make the world a better place. And they do so by simply being their naturally goofy selves. Indeed, their innate charm and instinctive dorkiness are what truly make them irresistible. So, in this post, we’re indulging you with more photos of funny dogs because we know it’s just impossible to get enough of their antics and quirks!

Aptly named r/AnimalsBeingDerps, this subreddit exposes “animals acting like complete idiots”— but in a good way, of course. While the page features all sorts of furry creatures, there’s no denying that dogs still ultimately top the list. In fact, even on other social media platforms like TikTok, pooches prove that they’re the leader of the pack.


“Nailed it”


Muddy Buddy


“Overly excited pup is still learning how to play fetch”


“Twinsie derp. How is this comfortable?”


“Potatoes gonna potate”


“That’s a lotta derps”


“Say cheese”


“Took my rescue greyhound to get her photo taken. Nailed it.”


“Guard dog ignores staged robber during training exercise in Thai jewel store”


“This dog thinks he’s a cat”


“Here comes the sun, do do do do.”


“Mistakes have been made”


The Three Pooches


“They are practicing before they wear the trench coat, sunglasses, and wide brim hat.”


“Peek a boo!!!”


“Australian Cattle Derp on yard patrol”


“Poor guy farted and startled himself, fartled if you will!”


“You might be wondering about what I have in my mouth…”




“Hehe, you’re upside down. (Said by the dog.)”


“Sun’s out, Tongue’s out”


“Adopted my new best friend on Tuesday, she was super shy. Just 12 hours later! Definitely a derp, and definitely the best decision I’ve ever made!”


Pancake Sploot


“Under the bed cleaning helper got distracted by her find.”


“Felt cute, might delete later”

According to Salman Haqqi, a pet insurance expert and senior personal finance writer, TikTok videos with the hashtag “dog” have reached over 120 billion views to date. So, what could possibly be the reason behind our fascination with pups and their extreme popularity?


“The reason that pictures and videos of dogs are so popular online is because there’s rarely anything controversial about a well-looked-after pooch. Content often goes viral because it evokes emotions from the masses and pictures and videos of dogs simply make people feel happier when they’re watching them.”


These funny dog photos prove that all canines have a derpy side!


“When I come home from work he tries to make sure I can never leave him ever again”




“OMG… He’s insane…”


“Your Uber is here”


“Back during my morning commute, I spotted this lovely derp”


“When you need to sneeze but they take the picture anyway”


“Accidentally fell asleep on the couch… This was what I woke up to.”


“Dug a hole just to lay in it, I love her”




“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting”


“Hey, I’m new, can I sit here?”


“I told him not to get dirty while outside to potty. This is his ‘Sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”


“When you try and take a nice mother’s day picture but your dog makes her best derp ever!!!!”




“Forgot to shut the garage before work, came home to this.”


“I don’t believe hin”


“Derping is exhausting…”


“Hooman, take my picture first!”


“Involved in helping around the house”


“Wanna play some one-on-one?”


“I think the picture says it all:”


“Lost a good boy and a better friend today. RIP Scrappy. You’ll be greatly missed”


“A rare long-earred platypus”


Derpy Spiderdoggo


“It only I could sleep this well”

And whether you’re a fur parent or not, we bet you could use some cute canine content to cheer you up especially in these difficult times. In fact, researchers have suggested that they can not only lift your mood but also enhance your resilience to stress. So, don’t feel guilty about spending a few minutes daily to watch funny dog videos and scroll through their playful photos!