You Can Get A Table That Your Cat Can Sit At

If your kitty always wants to be near you, follows you around, and prevents you from getting anything done then lucky you. These feline behaviors simply mean that your furry pet craves your affection and attention. That is why this cat table is designed to give your inquisitive kitty a comfy spot to be by your side and observe you for hours as you work on your laptop, read a book, or eat. It’s like giving them their own place at the table, allowing you to share one piece of furniture without wasting space.

This innovative cat table is designed and sold by Japanese online retailer Dinos. This feline-friendly furniture is a part of their line-up of furniture specifically constructed to be used by people and cats for different purposes, making it easier to socialize with our pets while getting our work done. It may look like a simple dining table at first glance. But what makes this furniture special is that it has a perch underneath and a hole in the middle for your feline companion to seat and peek out to see what’s going on above the table.


Cat Table With A Perch Underneath And Access Hole For Your Kitty

cat table furniture

The circular perch underneath the table stretches between the table’s legs with enough room to let them lounge and even take a nap. It comes with a removable lid to let you temporarily seal the opening in case you don’t want your cat peeking through the hole.

The table measures 51 inches long and 33 inches wide with the center hole measuring 6.3 inches in diameter. It is made of solid oak natural wood with rounded and smooth corners to keep you kitty pal safe when they climb up and down.

feline friendly furniture natural wood


cat table with removable lid


cat table with center hole


feline friendly furniture


cat table with access hole


feline friendly furniture rounded corners

This stylish cat table is available in two colors: natural and dark brown. Even if you don’t own a pet kitty, this table will serve its purpose of providing a functional and elegant piece of furniture for all your needs.

Simply cover the hole with the special lid and use the table as a regular dining table, work table, or a side table. You can use the lower platform as a shelf for books, magazines, and newspapers.

feline friendly furniture dark brown


feline friendly furniture with lower shelf


cat table with underneath perch


feline friendly furniture line dinos


cat table furniture lower perch

Source: Dinos