Firefighters Help Embarrassed Raccoon Find Its Way Back Out Of Someone’s House

Firefighters have definitely been known to rescue cats that were stuck in trees. But when it’s a raccoon that needs the help, that’s definitely new. The City of Dalton Fire Department shared their hilarious encounter with a coon and posted the photo on their Facebook page. Well, the story itself is quite unusual because coons are known to be great climbers. While cats have no problem climbing up a tree, the shape of their claws are not designed for climbing down. Hence, they often get stuck in trees and are unable to go down on their own. Coons, on the other hand, have paws that can rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to climb up or down any surface easily.

Well, to be fair, this particular trash panda didn’t get stuck in a tree. He was rather stuck in a house in Dalton when it tried to sneak in for some midnight snacks. Unluckily for this sneaky raccoon, it couldn’t find its way out of the house when it’s time to scram. Thrown into panic when its presence was known, the homeowners have to call the fire department to help the frantic creature get out of the house.


Firefighters Saved A Raccoon And Its ‘Embarrassed’ Look Is Just Adorable

embarrassed raccoon rescued by firefighters

Apparently, the firefighters were able to save the trapped raccoon. And the way it looked on the photo says it all. The poor animal has its hand covering its eyes as if it was too embarrassed to look at the camera. Of course, anyone who is caught red-handed and failed to escape should be feeling the same way as it did. But this coon did it to adorably amusing.

firefighters save raccoon story

The interesting photo of the embarrassed raccoon quickly became viral and people just couldn’t handle the cuteness. The fire department assured everyone that the housebreaker has been safely released back into the wild. And probably learned his lesson from this humiliating experience.

Source: Facebook