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Heated Outdoor Cat house

Outdoor Cats Will Love Relaxing In This Heated Cat House

Some cat owners choose to keep their furry felines indoors while some give their cats the freedom to play outside. If you are one of the latter, you definitely need to get this heated outdoor cat house for your precious kitty. While keeping cats excl...
albino turtles

Rare Albino Turtles Look Like Little Fiery Dragons

Albinism in turtles is often different than it is in birds, mammals or even humans. Albino turtles tend to still have one pigment present in their bodies. As such, they can appear to be yellow or red, instead of just white. That said, turtles of this...
ranger german shepherd with dwarfism

Meet ‘Ranger’ The 2-Year-Old German Shepherd With Dwarfism

We all wish our furbabies would stay that way forever. Sadly all dogs grow out of their pudgy, clumsy selves in a matter of months. However, sisters Shelby and Darcy Mayo get to keep a forever puppy in the form of Ranger, their German Shepherd with D...
funny cat snapchats

40 Funny Cat Snapchats That You Can’t Help But Smile At

Cat lovers, let these funny cat Snapchats melt your hearts and make you burst in laughter. There’s a saying in the internet world that if you want something to go viral, feature a cat. True enough, cats seem to be everywhere. From YouTube and Vines t...