A Girl Created A PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat And It’s Gone Viral

Can you remember how you got your first pet? Did you ask for it or did your parents just surprise you with a furry friend one day? Well, no matter how your first four-legged friend came into your life, we can all agree that the event is definitely a treasured moment in our personal history. And now, the age-old practice of persuading parents to approve pet ownership has leveled up. Case in point: a little girl from Toronto, Canada made a PowerPoint presentation to make sure parents understood that she meant business. And her father was so amused with her presentation that he decided to share it to the world via Twitter!

Christopher Doyle tweeted the presentation on August 25th, 2020. Apparently, the presentation was his daughter’s way of establishing just how serious she was about wanting a furry addition to their family. She’d apparently been asking for quite some time. However, despite her best efforts, her attempts to convince her parents have met little success. But it seems that she may have a fighting chance this time, because Christopher didn’t consider the possibility of the internet majority taking her side! His tweet became viral, after being retweeted 4, 900 times, getting 21, 100 likes and earning 1,300 comments!


Toronto-based Christopher Doyle’s daughter made a PowerPoint presentation because she really really wants to get a pet

His daughter’s PowerPoint presentation consisted of several slides all meant to drive her point home. On one of her slides entitled ‘Pros of getting a cat’, she wrote that she, along with all her other siblings (whose opinions are apparently less important), “would love to have a cat”. She also argued that “having pets can lower stress and make you happier”. Plus, “since it’s a cat, you don’t have to take it outside everyday for walks”, the clever presenter wrote. This last argument would surely win over any busy parent, but her parents aren’t easy to win over. So she made sure to assure them that she “would be in charge of cleaning up after the cat and the litter box and stuff”!

Christopher Doyle's daughter made a PowerPoint Presentation to convince her parents to get her a pet_slide 1
Christopher Doyle


Apparently, she’s been asking for a pet for over 5 years already, as mentioned in her PowerPoint presentation

How long did it take for you to convince your parents that you’re ready for the responsibility of having a pet? A couple days, a week, a month, a year? Well, in Christopher’s daughter’s case, she’s apparently been asking for a pet for 5 years now! Apparently, she’d been promised a hamster before, but it never happened. And we know how broken promises have a way of ingraining itself in a child’s mind… It might seem a bit cruel, but Christopher explained that the hesitation isn’t due to a dislike of animals… it’s just that his wife is allergic to cats. So even though they’d really love to make their little girl happy, they just can’t disregard the health risk.

Daughter reminded them that they promised her a hamster a few years ago in her powerpoint presentation
Christopher Doyle

Thankfully, the people of Twitter have offered up some helpful suggestions and advice that may solve the family’s issue. A lot of the respondents suggested that they get a hypo-allergenic cat, like a Devon Rex. Christopher’s daughter has expressed her interest in adopting a black cat. According to him, she decided to go for black-furred cats since she learned that they receive the least love because of the superstition attached to their appearance. What Christopher’s daughter told him is true and can be backed by many professionals like Kentucky Humane Society Communications Director Andrea Blair.

charming end slide in the pro-pet powerpoint presentation
Christopher Doyle


end slide of the pro-pet powerpoint presentation
Christopher Doyle


After sharing her PowerPoint presentation with her parents, Christopher’s daughter announced that she would like to adopt a black cat

The issue of discrimination against black cats goes back a long, long time. It all started after they were associated with witches and branded to be harbingers of misfortune. Since then, black cats have faced extreme prejudice and in some extreme cases, maltreatment. But it seems that the sentiment towards black cats is shifting. According to Andrea Blair, more and more people are beginning to express their concern towards these often neglected cats. Many have reached out to Kentucky Humane Society to not let anyone adopt black cats as Halloween draws near. This is because of their concern that the black cats were only being adopted since they fit the Halloween aesthetic and would later be abandoned or neglected. In a statement, Blair said:

“They have the very best intentions, but the unintended consequences are the perpetuation of the myth – which leads to black cats spending even more time in shelters.”



“Because of their common color [black cats] are the [ones] most likely to be overlooked in favor of cats with more varied color patterns. Black cats often take two or three times longer to be adopted.”



jonathan-cosens-photography-unsplash-black cat


To his surprise, Twitter users offered solutions to their family’s pet problem




His daughter’s presentation sure got plenty of support










Riot Fest even got involved


Others were amused by the PowerPoint presentation



Christopher’s daughter used his post’s fame as leverage


The Tweet was so popular that all Christopher could do was make light of it


Thanks to the internet’s overwhelming support, the Doyles finally sent in a Cat Adoption Application



The Doyles appear to be in the process of searching for their family’s newest furry member


And apparently the success of their sister’s presentation is giving Christopher’s other children ideas


Perhaps one of the reasons why Christopher’s Tweet about his daughter’s PowerPoint presentation became so viral is that people can relate to the struggle of getting their first furry friend. It was, after all, more often than not, an uphill battle. But it seems that Christopher has finally come around, after just three days! We’re not saying that it was probably the peer pressure that did it. But if you had a thousand people clamoring for you to grant your daughter’s long-standing wish, wouldn’t you be inclined too?


We sure hope the Doyles manage to adopt a black kitty

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