Turmeric Was Used To Treat A Cat’s Fungal Infection And It Accidentally Turned The Cat Into Pikachu

Don’t you just dread realizing that your beloved pet is sick? It’s every pet-owner’s nightmare! Usually, pet owners won’t think twice about taking their beloved pet to the veterinary clinic to make whatever is troubling their furbaby go away as quickly as possible. But let’s get real: some pet owners tend to drag their feet when it comes to taking their pet to the vet because they’re intimidated by the cost of a visit to the vet. This may or may not have been the case for Thai feline enthusiast Thammapa Supamas, who opted to use turmeric to treat her pet cat’s fungal infection instead of seeking expert help.

Domesticated pets like cats and dogs are quite prone to getting fungal infections. Thammapa’s cat had developed ringworm on one of its legs. Ringworm or Dermatophytosis afflicts both humans and animals. This fungal infection typically appears in a raised, ring-shaped form on the surface of one’s skin. However, ringworm doesn’t always manifest that way. In the case of Thammapa’s cat, its infection looked like a visible streak on its right foreleg. The kitty’s infection was certainly hard to ignore. In an interview, Supamas said,

“My cat Ka-Pwong had ringworm, and we did everything to cure it, but nothing worked. That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric. At first she painted on the ringworm but as there was there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses.”

Ka-Pwong was white before her owner's mother covered her with turmeric


Ka-Pwong had a ringworm infection on its front leg


Thammapa Supamas’ mother painted the cat with turmeric to deal with its fungal infection

The spice is a predominant component in most Asian dishes, Thai cuisine included. It’s the main spice used in curry, as it gives it its distinct yellow color and a very subtle bitter and warm flavor. It also has plenty of medicinal qualities, like curing fevers, inflammations itches and even boosting one’s immune system to name a few. In other words, it is basically a wonder rhizome! So it’s no wonder Thammapa’s mother thought it would make a great home remedy for their poor Ka-Pwong’s fungal infection!

Thammapa's mother paints Ka-Pwong with a turmeric mixture using a toothbrush


Ka-Pwong covered in turmeric

Unfortunately, it appears that neither Thammapa or her mother knew that the treatment wouldn’t wash off completely from Ka-Pwong’s fur. And since her mother had slathered the paste all over Ka-Pwong, Thammapa’s snow white pet cat became yellow! But instead of panicking over her cat’s “total makeover”, Thammapa chose to take it in stride and create a Facebook page for her now sunshine yellow-furred feline friend. Since its creation last August, it’s gotten nearly 17K followers! Her posts were flooded with mixed reactions, like shock, amusement and most of all, concern. In one post, she wrote, “Oh my god. People want to know if they will be recovered”.

Thammapa's mother covered Ka-Pwong front head to tail with turmeric paste


And now after the Turmeric treatment Ka-Pwong looks like this

Ka-Pwong doesn't realize that its fur has turned yellow


Her cat’s snowy fur became yellow


“My cat may not know it turns yellow now. Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual.”

Thammapa carries Ka-Pwong after the turmeric treatment


This cat turned yellow after having turmeric applied to its whole body

To calm the worries of her cat’s captive audience, Thammapa assured them that the treatment had indeed helped to cure Ka-Pwong’s fungal infection. She claimed that it was effective, as it had “reduced [the] itching” and that Ka-Pwong is “not licking the wound area” as obsessively as before. However, the spice’s yellow stain has yet to fade. Thammapas hopes that the color will disappear after 3 months. This should be enough for Ka-Pwong’s snowy coat to resurface to an extent, right?


“I hope the fungus is cured, I still have to hope that my cat will turn white as well.”

Ka-Pwong's ringworm infection before and after


Since her cat’s fur was yellow, the bemused owner decided to play with its appearance using Photoshop

Given her pet cat’s rounded features, the cuteness of the happy accident wasn’t lost on Thammapa or her followers. And, as if Ka-Pwong’s new fur color wasn’t adorable enough, its proud owner used Photoshop to electrify their captive audience. With a few masterful manipulations and playful imagination, Thammapa made Ka-Pwong look like Pikachu. This of course, earned plenty of amused reactions from their followers. After all, Pikachu is one pop culture character that everyone can’t deny!

Thammapa photoshopped her cat to look more like Pikachu


Ka-Pwong with photoshopped blush marks

This story is certainly novel. However, we highly recommend that when your pet gets a fungal infection or any other condition, you take them to the vet right away. We’re glad that Ka-Pwong’s ringworm is healing now. However, the diagnosis and treatment plan of our pets must be entrusted to the veterinarians. This is will help us to avoid causing our pets more harm or distress than necessary. Thammapa’s story is absolutely an entertaining tale that we won’t soon forget. After all, she did manage to get herself her very own Pikachu (at least, for a while…)!

Ka-Pwong lounges with photoshopped blush marks

Source: mycatYellow