20 Times People Had To Share Snapchat Photos Of Birds Being Cute, Hilarious Or Just Straight Up Weird

Remember our previous post about birds being jerks? While most probably found it hilarious, we bet it also ticked a lot of people off. So, now, here’s a little something to help these winged creatures redeem themselves. In this post, we’ve compiled lots of photos of funny birds just being their usual quirky selves.

From trying to fit in with other flying animals to forming unlikely friendships with other household pets, it’s simply heartwarming to see the innocent side of our feathery friends. So, it’s no wonder that people just couldn’t help but capture these precious moments and share them online. Keep scrolling down to see the delightfully cute and funny birds for yourself!

“Recently, every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up on this view.”

birds in heart formation


“So I saw a woman driving with a Falcon stuck in her grill today. I ran out on to the street and flagged her down. We decided the best choice was to cut the bird out. The lady who owned the car was ok with it. The bird lives! A Wildlife controller was on the way so we didn’t release it.”

falcon stuck on a car's grille


People snapped photos of funny birds and these show the feathered creatures being their quirky selves!


“I can never get a nice picture of them all together”

3 birds standing on a cage


“This bird landed by my window and stared at me like I murdered his whole family.”

angry bird by the window


“He pouted like this and whispered under his breath for 5 minutes because I wouldn’t let him chew on my phone case.”

sulking bird

With over 9,000 species, birds are undoubtedly among the most abundant animals on Earth. While they’re essentially adapted for flight, many can also swim, run and jump. However, there are also a few species including penguins and ostriches who have lost their ability to fly through evolution. Nevertheless, most of them have still successfully retained their wings.


“The real purpose of coffee cup handles: birb warmer”

chick curled up on a cup handle


“Some are blue some are gray…”

blue and gray birds on tree branches


“Momma bird and her babies”

mother bird and her babies


“The Golden Plover is a bird that hatch with the power of camouflage fully activated. These fluffy birds match the mossy Arctic nesting site perfectly.”

golden plover


“This shoe billed stork looks like a person in a bird suit”

shoe-billed stork

We’ve also compiled a few interesting facts about our adorable feathered friends. Continue reading on to find out some of the most mind-blowing ones! You can see more funny birds to.


“Angry Bird on the street in front of my house”

angry bird on street


“Took a pic of two plump pigeons perched on the ledge but ended up getting a picture of two massive pigeons looking for their car.”

two pigeons looking over cars


“This is not how you stairs, bird.”

headstanding bird on stairs


“One day I want to look at myself the same way that my bird looks at himself.”

bird looking at its reflection on the mirror


“Went for a walk today and my dog found a baby bird.”

baby bird sitting on a dog's head


Birds that are kept as pets such as lovebirds, parakeets and doves usually enjoy living in pairs

That said, it’s advisable to get these breeds in pairs to keep them happy and at ease. Who knows, they might end up having adorable babies too, just like these two!


“I got Kiwi a lil goth gf. Well now she’s his goth wife and they have 4 beautiful half goth babies”

two birds and their babies


“Birds being bros…Same Like”

little lying on a cockatoo's tail


“This bird landed on the page about itself”

bird landing on a book page about itself


“Cat suffers for horrible case of Chickenpox”

chicks standing on a cat


“It’s a perfect watermelon”

bird with watermelon like feathers


The Moist Owlette Is One Of The Very Funny Birds

owlet wrapped around a blue towel

Owls are famous for being able to turn their heads almost 360 degrees. But did you also know that these nocturnal creatures can actually devour their prey whole? When they take on smaller animals and insects, they usually eat them up in just one go. However, they can also catch larger animals like rabbits, which they typically tear up into bite-size pieces.


“An owl found his way into my house last night. No logical explanation how he got into my house and got up to the spare room. The strangest part is a good friend of mine that passed away about a year ago had a liking for owls…”

owl standing on a remote controlled car


“For my Cake Day, I’d like to share a picture of my friend Zeus, the blind Screech Owl.”

blind screech owl


“I’m going to Hogwarts”

owl by the window


“Woke up to this gorgeous one above my front door.”

owl sleeping by the window


“Owls and bananas don’t get along”

owl with feathers up

We all adore parrots for their ability to mimic human sounds and speeches. Indeed, most of them can surprisingly learn around 50 words. But there’s also one type, the African grey parrot specifically, which can learn to say up to hundreds of words!


“I have 4 feathered friends who come by my window every morning for Breakfast”

four parrots by the window


“This guy, drunk on fermenting apples, just ran into my window, threw up, and stole a rock. He’s in the tank to sober up.”

bird holding a white stone


“I shall name him, birdie Sanders”

bird with messy feather


Eagle Eyes

lady and her eagle


“No f**ks given.”

pigeon standing on the head of a fake pigeon

Chickens are among the most abundant bird species on Earth. Likewise, they outnumber us human beings. But just like humans, chickens surprisingly have their own language. In fact, they can produce over 30 distinct sounds which they use to communicate with one another!


Our feathery friends are undeniably sociable creatures, forming unlikely friendships with other animals!


“Hen taking care of kittens during storm.”

hen taking care of kittens


“3 day old baby chicks enjoying the warmth from a coffee mug”

chicks enjoying the warmth from a coffee mug


“My sister’s goat had a baby today and the chickens came to say hello”

chickens peeking through a barn


“My dad sent me this selfie”

man taking a selfie with rooster

Ducks can sleep with one eye open. When napping in groups, ducks along the perimeter are in charge of keeping guard of the other members. They do this by keeping one eye open even when snoozing. By doing so, they’re also able to keep one side of their brain alert and sense imminent threats ahead.


“This duck thinks he’s a flamingo. ‘When in Rome…'”

duck among flamingos


“I shouldn’t have fed that one duck yesterday”

flock of ducks by the front door


“I’ll never be as cool as this bird.”

duck on a puddle


“My apartment pool was being put to good use.”

ducks swimming in the pool


“The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons.”


“long legs”


“Owls were born on my colleague’s windowsill a few weeks ago and I. Just. Can’t. Even.”