Artist Randa Haddadin Uses Her Leg As Her Canvass For Her Beautiful Ink Drawings

For artists, the choice of canvas is as essential as the subject of the art itself. We’ve seen several contemporary artists using unconventional canvasses for their artworks including autumn leaves and even bananas. But Dubai-based artist Randa Haddadin found the perfect canvas for her ink drawings – her own thigh.

Now, you may think that this isn’t something new because tattoo artists ink their creations on body parts. So, using the thigh as a canvas isn’t actually new. But Haddadin’s drawings are entirely different from the permanent tattoos. By using Pilot G-Tec pens in different colors, she creates temporary drawings on her own thighs. Known for her romantic painting style, most of her themes involve portraits, architecture, botanical motifs and dancing figures.


So, this artist creates impressive ink drawings on her own thigh

With, one look at her drawings and you’ll ask why she chose a temporary form because her masterpieces deserve to be immortalized on canvas or as permanent tattoos. But, Haddadin has a reason why she chose her own thigh as her unusual canvas.


“It’s a therapeutic process for me, where I don’t need to worry about the end result—keeping it, preserving it, or selling it. Instead, I can focus on the process of creating and enjoy the spontaneous strokes. The comfort of its temporariness gives me more room to be braver with my lines, unlike a permanent tattoo or a sealed oil painting,” she explains.

Indeed, there’s beauty in what’s temporary. Her breathtaking drawings may not last long but she makes sure all of her masterpieces are documented on her Instagram page. You can find all of her illustrations on her page and you can keep up to date with her latest creations. We’ve picked out some of her most beautiful body art illustrations so you can see how amazing her work is.


Finally, which drawing was your favorite?

Source: Instagram page