You Can Have Your Ultrasound Photos Embroidered

Cherish your most memorable keepsake with these ultrasound embroideries. Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing milestones in a woman’s life. For most expectant moms, having to wait for 40 weeks to see their baby can feel like a lifetime. Ultrasound imaging allows a pregnant woman to get a sneak peek of her little angel inside her womb. This medical imaging technique not only shows how the baby looks like in real time, but it also reveals the position and gender of the unborn baby. More importantly, it is an essential tool to help doctors assess the health of the baby so they can prepare for the safest childbirth possible.

Furthermore, ultrasound photos are important mementos. Some people even frame these images and display them on the wall to showcase their most unforgettable life event. But if you love craft, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to recreate these medical images into embroideries. Embroidery artist Yulia Sherbak stitches threads into a fabric on hoop to recreate any portrait. An ultrasound technologist by profession, the idea of combining her craft and profession arrived to her when she dug up her daughter’s old ultrasound photo.


Ultrasound Embroideries

ultrasound embroideries thread portrait

After finishing her first ultrasound thread painting, she shared a photo of it on her Instagram account. And people loved it! Sherbak has been flooded with requests for custom orders from people who also wanted to immortalize their kid’s ultrasound photos by turning them into embroideries. And that’s how it all started.

ultrasound embroideries


custom ultrasound embroideries 3-inch


customized thread portrait unborn baby

To recreate the monochrome image, Sherbak uses white-colored thread stitched into a black cotton fabric. Each personalized piece is framed in either 3-inch or 4-inch diameter wooden hoop, depending on your choice of size. The hoop comes with a gold tone screw to let you hang the embroidered portrait on the wall easily.



ultrasound embroideries 4-inch


ultrasound embroideries wooden hoop

If you want your own ultrasound embroideries, head over to the artist’s Etsy shop to place your order. After checking out, the shop will then require you to send the reference picture. You can scan the original ultrasound image or take a photo of it. If you choose to do the latter, make sure to capture the pic sharply without any glare. Once you’ve submitted the photo, allow 8 – 10 weeks turnaround time. If you want to include the name and date on the ultrasound embroideries, let the shop know by specifying all the complete info on the customization details.

yulia sherbak customized baby portrait


yulia sherbak customized thread painting

“This item is absolutely lovely!”, one satisfied customer wrote. “I couldn’t be any happier and in awe of it. It’s beautiful and was a great gift for my parents.”

customized thread painting unborn baby

Source: Etsy