These Pregnant Women Show The Everyday Struggle Is Very Much Real

So, you think pregnancy is filled with rainbows and butterflies? No one can really describe how it feels to be pregnant unless they’ve been through it. Truth be told, pregnant women struggles are real and take it from these women who actually had firsthand experience of it. Pregnancy unfolds the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life. Indeed, growing a human being inside you significantly changes your perspective on life.

Change is expected during pregnancy but these changes are not always beautiful. We’ve seen pregnant women depicted on TV and advertisements flaunting that ‘pregnancy glow’. But does pregnancy really make women attain a special beauty? Or is this just a socially constructed concept to make pregnancy appear more appealing to women? If you really wanted to know how it really feels to be pregnant, why not ask those who have actually experienced it?


Pregnant Women Struggles

pregnant women struggles coffee

As everyone is unique in their own way, every woman has a different experience of pregnancy. Some of them are lucky to experience 40 weeks of total bliss and love. But for many women, the physical and emotional transformations that comes with it are too much to handle. Mood swings, weight gain, stress, sleep deprivation, nausea, back pain: these are only few of the torturous struggles that they have to endure. Now imagine having to suffer all of these things for 40 weeks. Just to undergo a 3-hour labor when it’s time to deliver the baby.



pregnant women struggles bus seat


” A Gift My Husband Made For Me To Use When Strangers/Family Get Too Grabby Towards My Belly Without Asking First”

no touchy bottle spray pregnancy problems


Like A Whole Chicken

pregnancy problems rotisserie chicken

Of course, the idea of childbirth and being able to hold your precious little baby in your arms brings ultimate joy. But let’s not also brush aside the struggles of pregnancy. It’s wiser to anticipate painful body changes and emotional roller coasters throughout pregnancy than to settle on a mindset that everything about bearing a child is all happiness and pleasure. It is much better to prepare for the worse than to get disappointed when the experience doesn’t meet your expectations.

We’ve compiled a list of pregnant women struggles to give you a clearer and more realistic picture of what pregnancy is really like.


“I Texted My 36 Week Pregnant Wife To Ask How She Was Feeling, This Was The Photo I Got In Response”

pregnant women struggles grouchy cat


“My Pregnant Wife Had To Dress Up As A Superhero For Work Today”

pregnancy problems superhero costume


“My Pregnant Wife Is Practicing Her Swaddling. Skittles Isn’t A Fan”

pregnant women struggles swaddling practice with cat


Pregnancy Problems

pregnancy problems oreo craving


“My Wife Sneaking Up On Me”

pregnant women struggles sneaking up


“My Pregnant Wife Wanted Pancakes In The Middle Of The Night. I Delivered”

pregnancy problems pancake craving


“My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To ‘Get Stuff For Dinner’. This Is What She Came Home With”

pregnant women struggles ice cream dinner


“My Wife Is Pregnant And She Thought It Would Be Funny To Take A Picture Of Our Dog’s Feet Looking Like They Are Her’s”

pregnancy problems baby bump dog feet


Pregnant Women Struggles

pregnancy problems 5 stages


Pregnancy Problems

pregnant women struggles putting shoes on


“Pregnancy Is Beautiful They Said. You’ll Glow They Said”

pregnancy problems swollen feet


Pregnancy Brain

pregnancy problems messed up brain


“My Pregnant Wife Has Been Practicing Her Swaddling Technique On The Dog”

pregnant women struggles swaddling practice with dog


“My Wife Is 39 Weeks Pregnant And Really Wants To See Deadpool 2”

pregnancy problems deadpool costume


Pregnant Women Struggles

pregnant women struggles coughing


“My Husband Found Me Hiding In The Bathroom, Pants Down, Shoveling Cookie Dough Ice Cream In My Mouth And Hiding From Our Kids. This Is Pregnancy (29weeks)”

pregnant women struggles eating ice cream in the bathroom


Pregnancy Struggles

pregnancy problems dropping something on the floor


Pregnancy Hormones

pregnancy problems hormones rip off husband head


“Pregnancy Brain Is So Real. My Daughters Daycare Lady Sent Me This. I’m So Embarrassed”

pregnant women struggles pregnancy brain


“8 Months Pregnant And Came Out Of The Bank To Find This… (I’m The Blue Car)”

pregnancy problems parking


“Cracking Up At The Hilarious (& Oh So Relatable) Difference Of My Undies From March vs. Today At 37 Weeks”

pregnant women struggles undies comparison


“How Many Breakfasts Have You Had Today? This Is My Third”

pregnant women struggles third breakfast


“My Husband And I Took Our 5 Year Old To The Amusement Park For The First Time Today. I’m 9 Months Pregnant, This Was My Favorite Ride”

pregnancy problems amusement park ride


“Pickle Juice Popsicles”

pregnancy problems pickle juice popsicles


“No, I Am Not Enjoying Contractions. Also, I Had A Baby This Morning”

pregnant women struggles enjoying contractions


“Pregnant Wife Ordered Cheese Fries, This Isn’t Going To End Well”

pregnant women struggles cheese fries fail


Pregnancy Is Weird

pregnant women struggles dad pizza


“My Friend’s Wife Is Pregnant. She Got Cravings For Sweet And Spicy”

pregnant women struggles sweet and spicy cravings


Pregnant Women Struggles

pregnancy problems no ankles


Pregnant Problems

pregnancy problems balling for sandwich




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