Pregnant Women Reveal The Pain Of False Labor

As your due date approaches, you begin to feel irregular and unpredictable contractions in the uterine. The abdomen tightens as a way to prepare the body for the real labor.  Also known as Braxton Hicks contractions, ‘false’ labor can also be excruciatingly painful at times. Some pregnant women usually mistook this contraction as the ‘true’ labor. But there are several ways to differentiate a ‘false’ labor from the real one. Braxton Hicks contractions may subside when you change position or start an activity. True labor contractions progresses and persists no matter what you do. These women will share their experiences on how they dealt with the pain of false labor.



Keep calm, it’s only Braxton Hicks.

False labor followed by a false alarm. What could go worse?

Pregnancy is the only place you can experience heaven and hell at the same time.

Everything will come to pass.

Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you’re waiting.

True labor is accompanied by a progressive dilation of the cervix, blood discharges, excruciating pain, and  stronger contractions occurring at regular intervals. In false labor, there is no progressive dilation of the cervix and no blood show. The pattern of contractions are unpredictable and pain can range from mild to intense.

No one ever said pregnancy is all sunshine and rainbows.

Labor is the only blind date where you know you will meet the love of your life.

Not every day of pregnancy is easy, but every day brings you closer to your ultimate joy.

False labor might start to occur from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.


You never understand life until it grows inside of you.

A baby is worth all the pain and sacrifices.

The battle against false labor begins.

Pregnancy and all the things that come with it – painful or not.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts of birth.

Don’t think of it as a pain. Think of it as an interesting sensation that requires all of your attention.

There’s a unique pain that comes from preparing a place in your heart for a child.

Childbirth is not a manifestation of the pain of giving birth but a proof of how strong women are.

Well played, Braxton Hicks! Well played.

Get ready to meet your precious one.

The bitter-sweet pain and discomfort will be all worth it the moment you get hold of your life’s sweetest gift.