Mom Shares Photo Of 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Half-Decorated Christmas Tree And People Love It

What happens when you put a 4-year-old toddler in charge of holiday decorating? A mom learned the hard way when she let her daughter decorate a Christmas tree. Amused by the result, she shared a photo of the half-decorated Christmas tree on Twitter to spread the holiday joy. Kids do the craziest things, at least we can all agree to that. With their wild imagination coupled with their silly shenanigans, they can often be a real headache for parents. But nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that their frolicsomeness makes our day brighter and happier.

Writer and mom AC Thomas posted a pic of a half-decorated tree which was her 4-year-old daughter’s doing. On the post, Thomas explained that the holiday tree belonged to her mother in law. And her daughter took on the task of decorating it. Since the little toddler can only reach the lower half of the towering tree, she decided to just focus on the accessible part instead. All the red, gold, and silver baubles were hanging on the bottom part of the tree, leaving the upper part looking scanty and lifeless.


Mom Proudly Shares Daughter’s Half-Decorated Christmas Tree

toddler half-decorated christmas tree
AC Thomas

Well, the half-decorated tree wasn’t actually half bad. She did a good job distributing the ornaments evenly on the bottom part of the tree. Although we have to say that the angel topper obviously needs a little company. People on Twitter can’t help but be amazed by the toddler’s creation.

Due to the post going viral, many people have been wanting to know more about the creative toddler. Thomas then shared some funny anecdotes about the adorable mischief of her daughter. And from her hilarious stories, it’s safe to say that we’re looking at a comedienne in the making.

hilarious daughter prank christmas tree needles
AC Thomas


ac thomas funny daughter
AC Thomas


toddler half-decorated christmas tree anecdotes


toddler half-decorated christmas tree funny anecdotes
AC Thomas


funny daughter sticker book mom
AC Thomas

Source: Twitter AC Thomas