Brilliant Self Irony from People Who Took Life a Little Bit Less Seriously

No one’s life is perfect, and a little self irony is enough to make you realize that sometimes you don’t need to take things so seriously. Learning how to spread some humor and lightness in life will make things seem more fun and you can enjoy life a little more. No one likes to feel stressed in life. So the next time you feel like smashing your phone against the wall in a fit of anger, try to relax and calm down. Think of positive thoughts and recall some of the funniest moments in your life to lighten up your mood.

Changing your perspective in life can encourage you to enjoy every moment. Learn from the failures, and then laugh about them in order to succeed, just like what these people did. We have gathered the funniest self irony from people who chose to look at the lighter side of life.

My belly is made for this outfit.

self irony
igri / pikabu

The regulars at this restaurant received a special treat. Seems like they don’t mind.

leebob05 / reddit

Even mirrors have different point of views.

IchHuhn / reddit

Police officers have been working out really hard.

OlathePolice / twitter

When a fan looks more like Harry Potter than the real one.

bollister / reddit

Practice what you preach.

jaykirsch / reddit

You can shave your head and no one will ever notice.

virtualghufran / twitter

The difference is not too obvious.

andyreddiator / reddit

This mug has given up on finding options.

dddash / reddit

How to get over your ex named Lauren.

MustardTiger99 / reddit

Self irony is a sign of intelligence and ingenuity


This girl was in a coma for 3 months and was presumed dead by her friends. Then they suddenly received a text message from her…

ysIkiwis / twitter

I told you, it’s the goat’s fault!

Fergus93 / reddit

When the parking inspector commits a parking violation…

BorgCollective / imgur

Are you trying to tell me that Teresa and Ben are identical twins?

Idonthaveausernamebecauseimnotcreative / imgur

That makes you two in a million.

briochebro / reddit

“I don’t know why my arms look so long that I could tie my shoes without bending over.”

Girly Memes / facebook

Divorce doesn’t have to be gloomy. It’s the start of a new life so celebrate it!

shapingsense / imgur