Funny Roller Coaster Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

A visit to the theme park wouldn’t be complete without riding a roller coaster. A great way of capturing your fun experiences are by taking pictures. Here we have a collection of funny roller coaster photos that will make you laugh out loud! Some are cleverly staged (with costumes and props to boot) while others show natural and unplanned fear, shock and horror! Take a look! 

Imagine her surprise upon seeing this photo.


Poor kid.

Clearly, the lady below is not impressed.

These two clearly have some special talents. 

Cue the Circle of Life song.

Has anyone seen our friend?

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Holding on for dear life.

Talk about bromance.

He’s one hard to please clown.

Is this Sweeney Todd?

Wardrobe malfunction caught on cam.

“Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face…”

When your mind is blown… 

Epic couple pic.