Funny Knockoff Products You can’t Help But Laugh At

We’re seeing more and more funny knockoff products these days that look so similar to your favorite, more expensive versions. These days, the top brands are becoming too expensive, so it’s no wonder more companies are producing cheaper versions, and in these cases, sometimes hilarious imitations! They say imitation is the best form of flattery. However, certain patent lawyers can’t say the same thing. For them, blatantly copying the physical appearance of a certain brand is illegal. Despite the fight against counterfeit and the trade of fake goods, the production of imitation or ‘fake’ products seems impossible to stop.

While these fake brands can’t come close to the quality of their original counterparts, people can buy them at much cheaper prices. Sometimes, people can’t even notice the difference between the original and the fake because of the astonishing similarity. You are about to see a collection of funny knockoff products that we have gathered for your amusement. Take a look and have a good laugh.

Hilarious fake items ripping off brands

This beauty cream bar doesn’t dry your skin like soap can.


Make sure you do a double take on this funny knockoff product. You’ll see a very slight difference.


Milk has found a new favorite cookie.


A pear is different from apple, we get it.


This toothpaste is so much cooler than the original.


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