45 People Share Ironic Moments They Witnessed While Out and About

Ironic moments make our daily lives more interesting. These fleeting encounters have the power to make what would be another unremarkable day quite special. That’s why it’s pretty hard to disregard the idea that irony exists to make our lives interesting. Some people were lucky enough to snap a lasting souvenir from their lucky encounter, and we here at Awesome Inventions have compiled them for your enjoyment.

“Kids, this is what we call irony.”

van bumper sticker ironic moments


Amazing Irony

lesbian ironic moments


Trump supporters question whether a Navajo American legislator is in the country ‘illegally’.

ironic moments illegal immigrant inquiry
James Haning


“Dogs are not allowed on the beach due to the possibility that they might make a mess”

ironic moments dogs aren't allowed on the beach

“The Irony of These Days”

dogs in strollers and kids in leashes ironic moments


“National Geographic Magazine has arrived. With an alert about excessive use of plastic. It comes in a plastic shrink. And inside a plastic bag to reinforce the protection.”

an excessively plastic wrapped copy of natgeo ironic moments
Sergio Fonseca


The irony.

completely chewed out ironic momemts


Oh the irony!

immigration museum ironic moments


“That is a great example of the domino effect.”

dominoed delivery bikes ironic moments

This intentionally ironic sticker…

grammar fail ironic moments

The posting of this photo became an ironic moment when Redditors pointed out that the “sticker” may have actually just been edited onto the picture. It caused quite a debate actually. You can check the thread out and decide which side you’re on in their debate.


The irony present…

extremely obvious grammar mistake ironic moments

You gotta check yo’self before you check someone else! If you’re quick to spy that there’s more than one glaring grammatical error in the post, then we applaud your impeccable grammar knowledge.

Walmart Employee


walmart ironic moments

Stop Texting While Driving.

someone can't practice what they preach ironic moments


Oh the irony (of life)…

directions ironic moments

“This sign in my kid’s elementary school fills me with nihilistic joy.”

unfinished coloring page

“Poor guy probably spent the past decade trying to share it but no one ever replied to his email.”

nigerian prince ironic moments
Mat Houchens

Quite ironic really…

cycling lane obstruction ironic moments

“Wasps made a nest on my wasp spray bottle.”

wasps establishing dominance ironic moments

Ironic moments can happen anywhere, even at a wildlife park.

beaver eating wooden post ironic moments

Not too good at her job.

psychic ironic moments

My Mom is cleaning out the library at the preschool where she works and sent me this:

bill cosby ironic moments

Cosmopolitan’s exposed hypocrisy

double standards ironic moments

 You’re welcome!

car crashes into sign ironic moments

The irony was strong with this one!

pull-ups ironic moments

“Ironic that my pup chewed up this specific Cards Against Humanity card.”

cards against humanity ironic moments

Well now, that’s ironic.

wrong spelling ironic moments

How did he get hired?

dumb parking ironic moments

The silent and powerful mocking of a single sign.

stuck truck ironic moments

“My computer lab at my school is ironically labeled.”

ironic moments computer room number

“Lady posts on Facebook to complain about employees not helping disabled customer while simultaneously not helping, either.”

complains but is actually part of the problem ironic moments

Live. Local. Late breaking.

late breaking ironic moments

“My car displays a long distracting message reminding you not to participate in distracted driving while driving.”

long distracting message warning about distracted driving ironic moments

In court for shoplifting.

in court for shoplifting ironic moments

Nothing is written in stone.

nothing is written in stone ironic moments

Author asks why his book called “No. More. Plastic.” was wrapped in plastic.

no more plastic book wrapped in plastic ironic moments
Martin Dorey

The epitome of irony.

break resistant panels ironic moments

Didn’t have time to read it, I guess.

plzstop ironic moments

The irony of a bar at a Paypal business event.

useless paypal ironic moments
Jeffrey C Wheaties/Reddit

The irony of this Snickers bar.

stuck snickers bar ironic moments

I found this picture to be incredibly ironic.

confusing message ironic moments

I don’t think the women’s department in the [sic] gets the irony.

like no other ironic moments

The very definition of irony.

sliding door company ironic moments

“Those gears won’t turn, which I guess makes it a fairly apt metaphor for school districts and education”

those gears won't turn ironic moments

I mean, isn’t this ironic?

repair advertisment needs fixing ironic moments

“I’m a public defender. The ATM in jail always strikes me as a little ironic.”

ironic moments atrm

Can you recall any ironic moments you’ve experienced lately? Tell us in the comments below!