First World Anarchists Who Don’t Give A Damn About The Rules

We all know that some people just want to watch the world burn. We’re plagued with rules, instructions and guidelines that occasionally call to be broken. Here we have an amusing list of first world anarchists who don’t give a damn about the rules. Sometimes we just want to be free and live in the moment, no matter the consequences. Take a look and enjoy, but always remember that certain rules exist for our own safety! 

First World Anarchists Who Don’t Give A Damn About The Rules

We imagine that this isn’t what the artist had in mind… 

So much bad luck in one photo. This guy is fearless! 

This man was told he was not allowed to build a garage. He found a way to get what he wanted without breaking any laws… 

David Williams, living the thug life at the early age of 3. 

Absolutely ruthless. 

What are you going to do about it? Box! 

Winning, indeed. You go girl! 

It took us a moment to realize… 

Brilliant! What an interesting name! 

Hugh Jackman will take a selfie whenever he damn pleases. 

We like the commitment of using a red body suit here! 

It will take the admin(s) for Warriors for Christ a long time to ban all of those people! 

When you’re looking to adopt a dog and see this… winner! 

This kid fooled everyone.