41 Images That Will Make You Say “Well, Isn’t That Ironic”

 Irony can be a cruel mistress that sneaks up on you when you’re least expecting her. This is thoroughly evidenced by the images that we have gathered for you today, which you’ll be pleased to know are wonderfully amusing. You really couldn’t make this stuff up, although, some are so shocking we do have to wonder if they are staged! Some of them are unfortunate coincidences but others are huge, preventable fails. These images will definitely have you thinking ‘well, isn’t that ironic’!

It’s no secret that customer loyalty and word of mouth is hugely important to businesses. Therefore, it’s generally quite important for employees to make sure that everything around their stores are in tip top shape. Otherwise, you might find a customer ends up spotting a mistake and ultimately decides that they no longer want to be a customer! Even the little things are important! 

It always confuses us when this happens. Lorry drivers are generally made aware of how tall the vehicle is. Bridges make it very clear of the height limit, yet so many people seem to just think ‘oh, I’m sure I can squeeze through’, as if bridges have some sort of elasticity to them! Of course, sometimes these incidents will be genuine human error, but we really can’t stand those people that just try their luck. They cause such an inconvenience to everyone else and often the bridges need repairing! 

Many people choose to enroll their pets in obedience training. This if often done when the animal is struggling with their behavior and the owner is struggling with controlling and instructing their pet. The classes can be really helpful and life changing in some cases. However, as the image below highlights, you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks! 

This image really resonates with us. Have you ever felt like you were handing out CV’s only to feel like they were literally being thrown in the trash? We certainly have. Places seem to advertise that they need people yet even if you would be perfect for the role and your resume shows that, you still don’t seem to be contacted! Job hunting really can feel draining and pointless at times.

‘American Freedom, Made In China’. We couldn’t help but have a giggle at this! Seriously though, so many things have ‘made in China’ on them, it’s actually a bit crazy. It just shows how many things we rely on the country for. They have properly dominated so many markets, particularly when it comes to manufacturing. 

We are generally taught in life that if something is hindering us, we should tackle it head on where possible. If someone is bullying us, we shouldn’t put up with it. If sugar is causing us to have a breakout, we should cut it out. And, apparently, if anti chewing spray is making all of your favorite chewing spots taste funny, destroy the bottle before it can do anymore damage!

Now, we’ve heard of the joke gift of ‘nothing’ where you can literally buy a bit of packaging that has nothing in it. However, invisible spray is not one we’ve come across before! So, we looked it up and it appears that there are a few variances of what it could be but generally ‘invisible spray’ is known as a super hydrophobic substance used to cover things like planes, vehicles and even clothes and shoes! It it also used for creating street art that only shows up when wet. We learned something new today!

Now, we appreciate the message that these guy’s are trying to send, but at the moment they are giving mixed signals! We could think of a few design changes that they would benefit from. Having each person wearing a different color would be cool, or, at the very least, the font on each person’s t-shirt could be in a different color. Then they would all stand out much more as individuals! 

If you pay enough attention to your surroundings, you’ll realize that ironic occurrences are all around you just waiting to be found. It’s time for an interesting fact!You might be surprised to know that there are actually three different types of irony usage… verbal, situational and dramatic. The one we are focusing on is situational. This type of irony usually involves a comical error, discrepancy or contrast. Well, you really do learn something new every day! 

We just do not understand how this was allowed to happen. And, why on earth was the mistake not corrected? You wouldn’t be filled with much confidence in this college if they can’t get such a simple thing right, or at least rectify the error! Going to this college would feel like seeing your driving instructor turn up for your first lesson only to crash the car. 

So, you’re about to hear something interesting! The below statue you see was created by sculptor Tom Church. The sandstone creation weighs 12 tonnes and took 5 months to carve. The statue was displayed at the Wallace Monument in Sterling for over 10 years. However, it attracted a lot of controversy due to its likeness of Mel Gibson who portrayed William Wallace in the movie ‘Braveheart’, rather than being a statue of the real William. Despite this, it was only returned to the sculptor due the the space being needed for a new building and the fact that the lease had come to an end. 


Anyone who has ever cooked in a frying pan before knows how horrible it is when things get stuck. It’s always worth investing more money into a decent pan because it’s highly likely you’ll end up ruining your cheap one and need to fork out to replace it. But, imagine the frustration you would feel if you had purchased a ‘non stick frying pan’ yet the damn sticker won’t even come off!

The plastic crisis is an ongoing one that we are pleased to see people are starting to take seriously. However, apparently others just aren’t taking it seriously enough! Some places have gone as far as to ban plastic bags, yet certain businesses seem to be ignoring such rules! We think the world would benefit from having more information put out there to educate people on the plastic crisis, maybe then they would think twice… 

The brain is an interesting thing. Some people would feel torn in this predicament even though it wouldn’t seem like a big deal to many others. On the one hand, you’re being told to ask for help if you need it, but on the other, your being faced with ‘self help’. The brain can find situations like this confusing. Would you be stuck in this situation or make a decision without giving a second thought?

Is there a joke we are missing here? Surely, no adult would allow this error to slip through, particularly onto something like the news. We’re hoping this is some sort of play on words that is relevant to the segment! If not, it’s probably safe to say that someone got fired for their mistake! But, still, we aren’t convinced that this was a mistake. It would just be too terrible! 

This has got to be one of those times when someone planned their picture to match their quote, right? It would just be far too much of an unfortunate coincidence! It appears in this case, you really can see the stars from simply looking down! Oh well, if it was a mistake, at least she was trying to send out a positive and motivational message! 

This actually gives us a great amount of satisfaction. Anyone who wants to ignorantly preach that phrase to other people but not even do it properly themselves deserves to look like an idiot! We imagine a lot of people walk past this car and laugh at the stupidity. What’s also worrying is that it appears the friends and family of the vehicle owner haven’t pointed out the mistake… 

Although there is a clear irony here, we like the original message that this phrase is meant to convey. There’s something really nice about having the mentality that you can always change your future, nothing is set in stone. It doesn’t matter how concrete something feels, there is always another choice to be made. Life can feel extremely daunting at times but your mentality towards tough situations makes all the difference!

It’s never great when you’re preaching safety and then you have an accident. This is made much worse when it happens in public! To be fair, based on the image below, you can’t really assume it was the tram’s fault. Of course, we hope no one was injured and the damage wasn’t bad, but this is a pretty funny case of irony! 

‘Do not hang anything else on this pipe’ may have been a better choice. It really bugs us when instructions, rules and regulations contradict themselves! How can you expect other people to do as their told when they can see first hand that what you are asking them not to do is occurring and nothing bad is happening? A little common sense goes a long way people! 

People say that you shouldn’t test fate, but we think you shouldn’t test irony, either! For example, if you were to transport prisoners in a ‘Ford Escape’, aren’t you just asking for trouble? And, who’s genius idea was it to put a ‘jump for joy’ sign above a bridge? Do people just not think these days?! Thankfully, however, these images do have one positive purpose and that is providing us with some much needed amusement. Keep going to see even more images! 

Here’s a great way to make your repair business look terrible! How on earth can they claim to be able to repair everything yet aren’t able to fix something as simple as their own doorbell? If it’s meant to be some sort of joke, it’s not a very funny one. We’re pretty sure this is just a monumental fail on the maintenance shop’s part. We wonder how many customers they have lost because of this sign?


This is quite an interesting fact! It’s actually pretty cool because the convicts who make the plates are made to think about what they are missing out on. Also, the people who are free and using the plates might appreciate the message more if they knew who was creating them. We aren’t sure how we feel about the ‘or die’ part though! 

This is a truly terrible place to put a sign like that. Not only is it horrendously insensitive, it almost pokes fun at the subject of suicide. People could easily take offence to this and we wouldn’t really blame them! There’s no problem putting signs on bridges, just maybe rethinking the ‘jump for joy’ slogan would be a good idea. Even the plain and simple saying ‘Merry Christmas’ would have been absolutely fine! 

Any food establishment would be delighted with an ‘A’ grade result for a public health inspection. It’s great for reassuring customers that the place they are eating from is clean and hygienic. However, it would be fairly easy to ignore an ‘A’ grade rating if there was a cockroach crawling all over the certificate! How unfortunate for the business involved! Maybe it was a one off, or maybe it’s a really old certificate! 

We have to say, this girl does not look like she hates running. She looks like she’s absolutely enjoying herself! However, we appreciate that the message is even though she hates running she is doing it anyway. Self motivation is so important when it comes to success and feeling good about yourself! Sometimes tackling the things you dislike head on can be the best feeling ever! 

Gravity doing its job! If you guys haven’t seen this movie we would highly recommend it! Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts who become stranded in space, you’re constantly wondering ‘what will they do next’? With a mix of thrills, action and tear jerking moments, it is definitely a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. We wouldn’t recommend it for those who have a fear of space, however! 

Smoke alarms are so important for every home. People always think that if there was a fire going on around them but this is not always the case. People have died from smoke inhalation before they’ve even woken up to realize what is going on around them. So, if your smoke alarm looks anything like the one below, get it sorted out immediately and check it regularly! 

You never really know what happens with prisoner transport. Of course, TV shows and movies would like to have you think it’s super easy and almost common for something to go wrong when travelling with prisoners. These sorts of occurrences aren’t impossible but they probably don’t happen as often as they are made out to be! If we were responsible for prisoner transport, we definitely wouldn’t tempt fate by using a vehicle with ‘escape’ written on it! 

This image perfectly sums up how it feels when one thing after another goes wrong. For some unknown reason, there is this horrible snowball (or domino) effect that sends your world tumbling. If you can relate to this, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amusing irony in the photo below so that we can take your mind off of things, even if just for a moment! 

We’re sure that you’re loving this post but unfortunately it is coming to an end. Don’t stop here though, there’s some hilarious gems still to be seen! If you’ve got any of your own ironic images to add to this list, feel free to post them in the comments section below! If you liked this post, why not check out some of our other awesome stuff also? Enjoy!

Most of us when we see a ‘beware of the dog’ sign instantly feel cautious. Sure, some people will put those signs up just to scare people, but most of the time you genuinely need to be aware. However, the message might not be so compelling if you were to see it in the situation below! All we want to do is go and chill out with that awesome dog in the sunshine! 

We fully appreciate that teachers are under a lot of pressure. They have a lot of marking to do and no one is perfect so a mistake is likely to slip through every now and again. However, if you’re going to give constructive criticisms to a student, you must make sure that you aren’t guilty of the very thing you are slating them for! Is it that hard to re-read one sentence? We wonder if the student in question mentioned anything…

han them arriving broken! Not only was there the sheer disappointment of not being able to watch your film, you’ve got to go through all the effort of telling the company what has happened and hoping they don’t try to blame (and charge) you for it. Then the cherry on top for the person below was the film being titled ‘Unbreakable’! 

We hope that this was John’s parting joke, or this would be very awkward indeed. Even if it is genuine error, at least it proves his point to be sort of true! We’re pretty sure this is a clever year book quote though. Isn’t it so much better when someone’s final statement makes them stand out? We could all say something generic but it’s the unique ones that are the best. 

This box could have used the help of its contents! Isn’t it so frustrating when a package you’re eagerly awaiting arrives damaged? Luckily for the recipient of this box, they only had sealing tape inside. But, when you’re expecting something fragile and it turns up looking a right state, you can’t help but feel annoyed. It’s better to be safe than sorry so strap up your parcels properly people!

Ah, how unfortunate. Maybe the truck driver needed to heed the motto written on the van! On a side note, we love the message on the back of the lorry. ‘Our most valuable resource sits 63 feet ahead’, it’s so nice to see a company that values it’s employees as more than just a means to an end. Writing something like that really does remind people to be aware and careful around trucks. 

The dog responsible for this destruction is clearly a clever one! They saw what their owner had coming for them and thought ‘screw that, I don’t need to be trained’! So, off the dog went, found the disc and destroyed it so nobodies time was wasted with unnecessary lessons. Well, that’s how we like to think it went down anyway! This being a mere coincidence is far too boring! 

‘Never say never springs’ to mind here. It’s hardly encouraging when your motto is ‘we never stop working for you’ and then you’re no longer in business! We understand businesses don’t always work out and it’s not always through fault of their own, but, it’s not nice to make false promises around things you can’t commit to, so, you really need to think carefully about what your slogan will be. 

Even the simplest of jobs are never simple. The ironic thing here is that the separation cut for this quote was not even done correctly which proves the quote to be exactly true! We like this phrase because if you think about it and what it means too much you start to get confused! It’s definitely correct though, people can always find a way to do something incorrectly. 

We would never want to make light of the tragedy that was the sinking of the Titanic. However, you can’t help but see the unfortunate and somewhat amusing irony in the image below. In all seriousness, we hope that everyone who wanted to see the exhibition got the opportunity to at some point, we’re sure it was awesome. 

We wonder if this one is staged? Either way, who thinks ‘I really want a mug with the word quality written on it’?! It’s actually terrible that a mug can just break like that! Best case scenario, someone has a big stain on their carpet. Worst case, someone could suffer horrific burns! Mugs really do need to be of a high quality, no one wants this to happen to them. 

This one relates back to the ‘do not hang anything from this pole’ image that was shown earlier in the post. Okay, admittedly, what you are looking at isn’t necessarily a poster, but the whole point is clearly not to ruin the aesthetics of the poles by having things stuck on them? Newsflash, you guys responsible for the stickers are doing that all by yourselves! 

A rookie mistake! We like this one though. Unfortunately, as annoying as the are, some people really do respond to pop up ads so it’s not a surprise that so many websites choose to use them. However, when writing an entire article about whether the small benefits out weight the huge downfalls of lost traffic, you’d think the site would stand by its own words and not use ‘interruptive gimmicks’! 

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