Cheez-It And House Wine Have Come Together To Create The Perfect Snack Box That’s Half Crackers-Half Wine

Cheese and wine make a perfect pair. Each is delicious on its own, but when you pair them, they enhance each other’s distinctive flavor. However, there’s an ideal wine for every cheese. And it’s all about finding the perfect match in order to make the magic happen. Rejoice because Kellogg’s is making our life easier and more pleasurable with this new limited-edition box that is half-wine half-crackers. The House Wine and Cheez-It combo box has the original red blend on one side and the original cheese crackers on the other side. We can now enjoy our favorite wine and snack anytime, anywhere without the need of a cheese board.

house wine and cheez-it combo box

The wine part of the box contains 100-oz of House Wine Blend. It features a blend of 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot. The House Wine Original Red Blend has a red currant aroma and notes of juicy red fruit. Furthermore, the wine part has a built-in nozzle for easy pouring. On the other side is a giant box of original flavor Cheez-It crackers. With the House Wine and Cheez-It combo box, you can conveniently take the best of both worlds in one go.

“Many of our fans were already exploring pairing different wines with Cheez-It,” Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks division senior marketing director Jeff Delonis said in a press release.

For this reason, the cracker manufacturing company teamed up with House Wine to give their fans the best combo possible. And the House Wine and Cheez-It combo box is indeed a match made in heaven.

“We make wines for people to enjoy anytime and anyplace — just like Cheez-It,” Hal Landvoigt, a winemaker with House Wine, explains. “I create wines that run the spectrum of flavor — from crisp and bright to savory and spicy. From there, I looked for combinations that complement the real cheese found in each flavor of Cheez-It to make the perfect pairing.”

house wine and cheez-it combo box limited edition


limited edition house wine and cheez-it combo box

This half-wine half-snack box was launched on House Wine website in July 25 for a limited-time offer. But it quickly sold out in just a couple of days. We’re hoping that the overwhelming excitement for this combo box can persuade the manufacturers to bring it back again. They should know better, people just can’t get enough of cheese and wine.

In order to guide Cheez-It fans in finding the perfect wine for their favorite crackers, Kellogg’s released the following pairing guide:

  • White Cheddar and rosé
  • Cheddar Jack and cabernet sauvignon
  • Grooves Zesty Cheddar Ranch and malbec
  • Extra Toasty and sauvignon blanc
  • Parmesan and chardonnay

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite Cheez-It and pair it with its perfect match to enjoy life’s greatest pleasure.

Source: House Wine