15 Interesting Things Made To Relieve Stress

Every day, we are exposed to pressures and situations that can cause stress. For example, taxing workloads, burdensome commitments, living up to unreasonable expectations, family conflicts, and rocky relationships. Chronic stress can cause mental health problems which can make everything worse. So, it is crucial to help yourself when you can because it can worsen. Here we have some interesting things made to relieve stress! Take a look! 

Nothing can elicit the feeling of relaxation better than being on a silky-sand beach while breathing in the ocean breeze. But if a beach is miles away from you and you don’t have enough leisure time to leave your work, this office sandbox lets you experience the calming sensation of beach sand, even when you’re at the office!

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In a fit of range, we instantly forget the value of the things around us. And most of the times, our phones are the usual victims. But not anymore. Instead of smashing your expensive phone against a wall, you can vent your frustration by squishing this thing instead.

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According to studies, popping bubble wrap is an effective way to release muscle tension to help reduce the feeling of stress. So why not wear it, right?

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Every work place and household needs this to hand. 

Tamara Martin

Making a list of all the people you loathe helps release your mental stress.


A relaxing, spine-tingling scalp relaxant can help you relieve stress and promote hair growth.


This squishy chicken key-chain lays an egg when you squeeze it. Something to take load off your mind.


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Taking a nap has many health benefits. And one of these benefits include stress relief. This nap pillow allows you to descend into a deep and relaxing nap anytime anywhere.


Muscle tensions often occur in the head. This head massager is made to relax tight muscles in the scalp.


How about taking a relaxing nap at the office during coffee break?


The pie face game is an exciting game to play with your friends and families. But try to play it with the people you hate the most and watch them suffer by putting mud instead of whipped cream on their faces.


Laughter and having fun are the worst enemies of stress. So, fight back by playing Crocodile Dentist.

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The good thing about magnetic putty is that you can mold it into anything. Sculpt it in the form of the person who made you mad and break it or smash it however you like.

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The truth will set you free. And if you lie, this Shock Lie Detector will deliver a small electric shock that can raise your hair.

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Have you ever written a message or a comment but you don’t have the guts to press the ‘Enter’ key? You can now release your frustrations by slamming this Enter Key Throw Pillow. It won’t post your message however it will give a little sense of satisfaction.


Releasing stress can be done by screaming out all your frustrations and thoughts. However, this becomes impossible when the person you want to yell at is your boss or your parents. Don’t worry, now you can shout everything you want to say inside this Scream Jar Voice Silencer. You can now vent your rage and they won’t hear a thing.


Squishies are known to be effective stress relievers. It was found out that these toys allow you to release energy while focusing on the changes you are making by squeezing, stretching, smooshing, and pulling the object. But this Squishy Egg has more to offer. It vomits when you squeeze it.