30 Ironic Posts From The Past That Did Not Age Well

Everything we say on social media is as good as immortalized. On social media, everyone is paying attention to every word you say. Moreover, you may never take your words back anymore even if you delete your post on your page.  And the worse of it all, some people will remind you of your blunder from time to time. Popular celebrities, prominent companies, newspaper headlines, and product advertisements also have their own fair share of past posts gone wrong. Their posts might have made sense during the time they posted them. But looking back at them now would be totally hilarious and cringe-worthy.

The Facebook page Posts That Did Not Age Well compiles famous posts, quotes, and predictions from the past and reposts them. Some of these past posts are ironically funny while some are so precisely on point. We’ve picked out the funniest and the most ironic posts from the past that will surely stun you.

donald trump past posts president qualities


past posts repost walmart employee

The Facebook page Posts That Did Not Age Well is dedicated on reposting posts from the past that have entirely different meanings at the present

donald trump too many walls quote


past posts heroin non-addictive

Past posts and quotes from notable people and companies that horribly went the wrong way

past posts internet 2005


past posts apple costs less


past posts facebook sell information


past posts best buy label millenium bug


past posts thor cast no-names


past quotes ken olsen personal computer


past posts lady gaga famous


past posts blockbuster vs netflix


past quotes computer weight prediction


past posts prediction world trade center

“Nothing, I guess.” This was the response of physicist Heinrich Hertz when asked about the significance of his discovery involving the existence of radio waves.

past quotes hertz radio waves application


past headlines video games passing fad


past posts asbestos fire-proof


past posts lead paint


past posts michael jackson prediction


past posts bill cosby case

Today, the Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services has changed its name to Immigration Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS). So technically,  they’re not the ISIS anymore.

past posts isis canada


Is it friday yet meme Easy E19M Grumpy Cat A5 Diary 2018 2019 Ca


past posts throwaway living


past headlines anti-soviet warrior osama bin laden


past posts iphone security breach


past advertisements humble melts glaciers


past headlines titanic sunk


past posts facebook loses users 2017


past posts kevin spacey sexual assault allegations


past posts bill cosby in big trouble

Source: Facebook | Posts That Did Not Age Well