Japanese Company Creates Completely Blank Puzzle And It Might Just Push You To Your Limits

Are you ready to push your problem-solving skills to the limit? We challenge you to solve the ‘Hell Puzzle’ – a jigsaw puzzle made up of 2000 blank puzzle pieces. Staying at home with nothing else to do is actually harder than it seems. And because most parts of the world are on a lockdown, everyone has to find ways to keep them occupied during the quarantine period.

You probably could still remember the clear jigsaw puzzle comprising of 144 transparent puzzle pieces that we previously featured here. And if you’re already on a master-level type of a gamer then you might find it too easy for you. Although the clear jigsaw puzzle could really give newbies and average gamers a heck of a challenge. If you’re seriously looking for a puzzle game that could give a piece of hell then this 2000-piece jigsaw blank puzzle is made for you.


This jigsaw has 2000 blank puzzle pieces

jigsaw blank puzzle 2000 pieces

Aptly named ‘Pure Hell’, this impossibly difficult tiling game is created by Japanese board game company Beverly. This hellish jigsaw game features blank puzzle pieces in plain white on both sides. Without any image or print on the pieces, players have absolutely no clue which piece goes where and which side should be facing up. Now, imagine having to put all 2000 pieces in their right places on their right side up. Well, you’re looking for a real tough challenge, aren’t you? So, we’re making your wish come true.

jigsaw blank puzzle pure white 2000 pieces


beverly blank puzzle pieces jigsaw game

Needless to say, this difficult tiling game is guaranteed to eat up most of your time and patience.  But that’s essentially what we’re looking for right now, right? Furthermore, this grueling jigsaw game isn’t for beginners. So if you’re a jigsaw novice, we suggest that you opt for the easy ones first. Then if you think you’re ready to level up your game, you can challenge yourself with this very difficult Pure Hell blank puzzle.


Each blank puzzle piece approximately measures 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch. When fully assembled, the panel size measures 28 inches x 19 inches. If you think 2000 blank puzzle pieces are too much for you then you can go for the 1000-piece version instead. This easier version also features pure white jigsaw puzzle pieces with the same size. But when fully assembled, the completed panel measures 15 inches x 10 inches. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Mom usually can complete a 1000 jigsaw puzzle in a single day. Got her this one a couple weeks ago… and she is STILL working on it. It really is a hard puzzle. Anyone looking for a challenge should get this… or anyone looking to torture someone who loves puzzles should get this.”


This jigsaw puzzle version has 1000 pure white pieces

beverly pure white hell jigsaw


pure white hell jigsaw beverly


beverly blank puzzle 1000 pieces jigsaw


beverly pure white hell jigsaw pieces


pure white hell jigsaw

Get the 1000-piece version here and the 2000-piece version here.

Source: Amazon | Beverly