This Vending Machine Sold T-Shirts For Only 2 Euro So Why Did No one Want To Buy?


Non-profit organization Fashion Revolution is challenging people to think about the workers who manufacture inexpensive clothes before they go ahead and make the purchase. To raise awareness of the cause, they set up a vending machine in Berlin selling T-shirts for 2 Euro (Around $2.19). Before passers by could make their purchase they needed to watch a video all about the sweatshops in which similar items are made.

The organization released the video on Fashion Revolution Day which falls on April 24th. The purpose of the day is to take time to remember the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. On that day, over 1,000 workers were killed while making clothes for American clothing brands. There are many other factories like Rana Plaza where workers are often underage and severely underpaid and overworked. Fashion Revolution wants us to question why that hot new dress is so cheap. Always research and ask questions. Don’t be a part of the exploitation chain.

Website: FashionRevolution

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