You Can Now Get Clear Jigsaw Puzzles Because Regular Puzzles Aren’t Hard Enough Already

We’ve found the ultimate lockdown challenge that will help us through the quarantine period. The clear jigsaw puzzle is a thing and this will surely put your puzzle-solving skills and patience to the test. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are stuck inside our homes right now to follow self-isolation and social distancing measures. During this quarantine period, the only thing we need is something to keep us occupied for hours.

While Netflix, Facebook, and video games are the most go-to options to kill time, there’s actually no challenge to these things. If you really want a pastime that could also keep your mind active then you need this clear jigsaw puzzle. If ordinary jigsaw puzzles are too boring and too easy for you then you really need to step up your game.


This clear jigsaw puzzle features transparent cast acrylic sheet pieces

clear jigsaw puzzle

This clear jigsaw puzzle is made up of clear cast acrylic pieces. Needless to say, this puzzle doesn’t have an image printed on it to guide you in the assembly. Does it sound like a tough challenge? You bet, it is. But another good thing is, this puzzle comes in different sizes based on the level of difficulty you can handle. The levels of difficulty includes Easy, Okay, Hard, and Crazy.

transparent tiles challenging tiling game

Easy: includes 9 clear jigsaw puzzle pieces, each piece measures approximately 2 inches to make 5.75 x 5.75 inches square form when fully assembled. Okay: includes 25 pieces, each piece measures 1 1/8 inch to form the same 5.75 x 5.75 inches completed square. Hard: includes 49 pieces, each piece measures approximately 7/8 inch to complete the same 5.75 x 5.75 inches square. Crazy: includes 144 pieces, each piece measures approximately 1/2 inch to assemble the same 5.75 x 5.75 inches square.

transparent tiles challenging game


clear jigsaw puzzle okay level

Hence, smaller pieces would be more difficult to assemble than the bigger ones. Furthermore, each clear jigsaw puzzle piece has no indication of which side is up to add to the challenge. What’s more, there are no repeated pieces so there is only one correct solution to the puzzle. Each piece is made of heavy-duty cast acrylic that is resistant to crack and will not dissolve in alcohol-based cleaners.

transparent tiles hard level difficulty


clear jigsaw puzzle hard level


transparent tiles crazy level difficulty

If you think you can handle this impossibly difficult challenge then go over to this Etsy shop and choose your option.

clear jigsaw puzzle cast acylic

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